Working Principle of Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine


The manufacturers that care about the quality of work that they give out have come to see that the metal laser cutting machine is the way to go. The public is starting to embrace this new mode of cutting, too, even if they were not there when that was being used. That tells better how the products being made can be suited to the general perception better than other forms of cutting will guarantee.

Now that we know where a metal laser cutting machine stands, it remains the question of how it works its magic to achieve the precise cuts that it gets. That is what we are to discuss today.

How the Laser Works

When you look at it from a distance, the metal laser cutting machine is seen as one emitting just a single wavelength of light. Do not believe what you see in the movies, too, since you will be able to see these lasers with your naked eye. Thus, it might be confusing as to what makes it possible for a stream of light to cut something as thick as a metal sheet.

What you might not know is that the light is not ordinary.

It has been highly focused and made to be of such a high intensity that we can consider it to be blinding light. Depending on the kind of machine being used, this beam mainly consists of CO2 gas working in tandem with other gases such as Oxygen and Nitrogen.

These latter gases are often in their compressed forms and supply the heat (from ignition within the chambers of laser) that is given off when working with the cutting machine.

That said, the laser beams that are generated within the machine can be bounced off by several mirrors inside the setup until they are made to focus on a single plate. This focus is also better achieved with the use of a particular lens or another curved mirror. That follows the basic principle of focusing a magnifying glass on a piece of paper/ leaf and causing it to burn when the sun rays hit the glass.

Thus, this intensity of the laser beams is transferred over to the metal sheet, which starts getting heated up fast enough. This rapid heating causes a deterioration of the internal integrity of the metal at the point where the laser is focused, resulting in melting and separation at such an edge.

When the melting process is going on, especially for metals such as aluminum, the nitrogen in the mix blows the molten metal out of the kerf from separation.

Laser Cutting Is Here to Stay

Allowing manufacturers to achieve intricate cuts, make circles and perform such other designs that would not have been possible with traditional modes of metal cutting, it is sure that metal laser cutting machines are here to stay. This is also an exciting time in their development, showing that much more can be done with these pieces of equipment too.

HSG’s metal sheet laser cutting machine integrates advanced technology to provide a high-quality guarantee for users’ various needs. Fully enclosed protection design and independent electric cabinet are equipped to protect the safety of operators to the greatest extent.

In addition, applying EtherCAT bus control, the network transmission of metal sheet laser cutting machine also is not interfered with by the outside world and keeps reliable while working.

Looking at the ever-expanding catalog of metal laser cutting machines packed by top brands like HSG Laser, we can only keep our fingers crossed for the next iteration that these machines will bring to us.

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