Will Vape Hurt You?

At present, you will come across some credentialed and genuine medical practitioners who recommend vaping as a feasible alternative to cigarettes. According to one particular physician, in case around 10% of the people smoking cigarettes switch over to electronic cigarettes, it will be possible to save approximately 6 million lives. However, we’re not yet clear regarding what might be the long-term risks of smoking e-cigarettes. Nevertheless, some studies have confirmed that electronic cigarette vapor consists of lead and arsenic. Therefore, in case we like to opt for vaping, it will be advisable to know whether it can kill us in the long run.

We have taken the views of several nicotine pundits out there and most of them have asserted that electronic cigarettes will not result in deaths unless you happen to be a kid who was mistaken nicotine liquid for his candy. However, it does not imply that overdosing is not possible physically, or that every single expert is in favor of electronic cigarettes.

Dorie Apollonio

Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy, University of California San Francisco emphasizing on tobacco policy-making and control

The term overdose is somewhat odd right here since overdose actually implies an excessive dose of any particular drug. Nicotine is not used therapeutically, and it is likewise addictive. It probably comes with certain types of toxic effects; anything will be an overdose, theoretically speaking.

However, in case you ask the query regarding what toxicity level is going to be dangerous – it will depend entirely on the user. In case you are tolerant to nicotine, then you can go on taking small doses and you need not worry about any significant harm whatsoever.

Some individuals assert that nicotine replacement therapy is going to be risk-free; however, it is provided to all those smokers who happen to be nicotine tolerant only. Anything they take from this therapy will be of the lower dose, and therefore, they won’t be at any risk at all. The reason why some individuals are careful regarding claiming the same thing about electronic cigarettes is that it is not yet clear whether those individuals are receiving a lower nicotine dose, although they’re probably receiving lesser toxicity from the aerosol since you won’t be burning it in the same manner you do with a traditional cigarette out there.

But can vaping cause death? The answer is theoretically in the affirmative. However, it is somewhat difficult given that it is also tough to die because of an overdose from conventional cigarettes – and this is because you are going to become sick. One typical symptom of getting sick will be vomiting as well as nausea.

The majority of the nicotine solutions out there do not make us clear regarding their nicotine content, and they can enter your system quite easily and quickly. However, you need to give plenty of efforts for killing yourself in that way.

The same is not true for kids because they might end up drinking the solution particularly the flavored ones. Most of the solutions do not come with any childproof cap and these might be responsible for causing significant health problems for those children who might’ve drunk it accidentally. However, only a couple of deaths have been reported so far.

Being an experienced tobacco control researcher, I believe that in case you like to quit smoking we have all types of useful drugs to assist you in doing that. On the contrary, e-cigarettes are going to cause you problems instead of helping you to quit smoking anyway.

Nicotine does not have any therapeutic usage, and it is also addictive, and probably it also comes with certain toxic effects, anything will be an overdose, theoretically speaking.

Riccardo Polosa

Head of the Tobacco Research Center and Dir., Institute for Internal Medicine and Clinical Immunology, University of Catania

Overdose due to nicotine will not be of much concern for any average electronic cigarette user. Nausea or vertigo happens to be an indication of excessive intake of nicotine. On the other hand, low nicotine levels can lead to the sensation of fatigue, confusion, as well as dizziness. Therefore, smokers are known to regulate their intake of nicotine on their own so as to satisfy their requirements.

Apart from those struggling with severe psychiatric conditions, individuals rarely experience any symptoms due to overdose including nausea, progressive agitation, vomiting, loss of consciousness, and so on. However, on many occasions, the smokers might go for high nicotinized electronic cigarettes so as to experience the effects of nicotine intoxication. It will be advisable to try out the low or medium nicotine concentrations initially so as to avoid this type of situation.

Moreover, it is not likely that the overall day-to-day nicotine consumption from electronic cigarettes is going to be more than that of traditional cigarette smoking. The trend of nicotine absorption will depend to a large extent on the puffing behavior of the user plus his experience with the product along with the nicotine concentration level in the e-liquid that he is consuming.

It is likewise very unlikely that electronic cigarettes encourage greater day-to-day consumption of nicotine as compared to traditional cigarettes. It has been found by studies that plasma nicotine, as well as cotinine levels in all those who have opted for electronic cigarettes, can be compared to that of the regular cigarette smokers out there.

Frankly speaking, I would worry more about the day-to-day consumption of a significant amount of e-liquids due to the fact that there is a possibility of enhancing the exposure to unfamiliar toxicants.

I would worry more about the day-to-day consumption of a significant amount of e-liquids due to the fact that there is a possibility of enhancing the exposure to unfamiliar toxicants.

Stanton A. Glantz

Truth Initiative Distinguished Prof. of Center for Tobacco Control and Education, California University, San Francisco

It is a fact that there is no restriction on how rapidly or how many puffs one will be able to take at any given time from any electronic cigarette. Moreover, the nicotine content in e-cigarettes can be much more than that of the traditional cigarettes. I have come across some individuals who have puffed electronic cigarettes so much that they had fallen sick because of nicotine poisoning.

Exposure to nicotine liquid which is used for filling electronic cigarettes can result in a bigger issue. One can easily absorb these liquids via their epidermis. In fact, there have been quite a few calls to the poison control centers because of nicotine poisoning in recent times. Interestingly, one case of death has been reported so far which actually happened to a child in New York.

Jamie Brown

Deputy Dir., Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group, University College London

Overdose because of vaping is almost impossible at present. Nicotine will take adequate time for reaching deadly concentrations which imply that you might become excessively sick so as to continue vaping in the future. If you happen to consume a sufficient amount of e-liquid either accidentally or deliberately, it might be possible in that case. Kids can become accidentally poisoned which implies that it will be a sensible idea to tamper-proof the e-liquid bottles and these should also be stored away from the kids just like medications.

Lion Shahab

Associate Professor, Behavioral Science, and Health, University College London

In case you make use of electronic cigarettes as instructed, you’ll find it quite tough to become overdosed. The reason for this is that nicotine is removed from our system quite fast and bioavailability is comparatively low at approximately 20% orally.

In case we presume that the lethal dosage which can kill half of the users is approximately 0.5 to 1 gram of the ingested nicotine, it indicates that even at greater concentration levels any average person will require to ingest at least 25 to 50 ml of the e-liquid very quickly.

Interestingly, the day-to-day consumption of e-liquid happens to be around 5 ml every day. Any person will require to vape at this particular level continually to get to this consumption level, and since nicotine happens to be aversive, indications of nicotine poisoning might be restricted to vomiting which will make it impossible for anyone to vape this amount of e-liquid within a short span of time.

This can be compared with the consumption of coffee. While one can die because of drinking 70 to 100 cups of coffee, any case of overdosing due to coffee is extremely rare since, similar to nicotine, it will lead to vomiting before the person can consume a sufficient amount of the beverage. As a result, it is only possible to get overdosed because of nicotine by consuming the e-liquid orally.

It is quite difficult to estimate any long-term health effect because of vaping since any health issue will take plenty of time to manifest: we simply don’t have the information yet. However, observing the early signals the data appears to indicate that electronic cigarettes are comparatively safer than the traditional cigarettes although not entirely risk-free whatsoever.

Jonathan Foulds

Prof., Public Health Sciences and Psychiatry, University College of Medicine, Penn State

Any person using nicotine products on a regular basis (whether it is traditional cigarettes or electronic cigarettes) is unlikely to become overdosed because of the nicotine while vaping. A non-smoker might feel a sensation of nausea and he might even vomit while he is smoking an entire cigarette for the very first time, and a beginner vaper is likely to have an identical experience.

Besides this, it is also possible for a moderately experienced vaper to inhale excessive quantities of nicotine in case he likes to go on vaping intensively despite the onset of undesirable side effects. This can begin with a sensation of palpitations, perspiration, dizziness, and so forth and it can even progress to vomiting. The majority of the individuals will learn quite fast how to avoid this by dosing themselves.

Obviously, overdosing because of consuming e-liquid is an entirely different thing, and the quantity of nicotine present in a bottle might kill somebody in case he ends up consuming the whole of it.

Nicotine poisoning is quite rare from normal usage irrespective of the product; however, it is not yet known to us what the long-term effects of vaping can be.

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