Why You Should Use LED Lights in Your Store?


Anyone who owns a store will have asked themselves this question: How to light a store to a greater extent? It seems that LED lights gain increasing popularity across the world. Initially, LED lights are used to make a difference in every single room. Nowadays, lots of advantages of them are discovered and favored by many store owners. Now let’s get more details about the reasons why you should use them in your store. Keep reading to know more.

1 – LED lights are good at saving money and energy savings

Now put aside the aesthetic qualities of these LED lights, take a look at the electricity consumption. The expenditure on traditional lamps can be expensive. What’s more, lights are always on, consuming energy all day long. That’s why LED lights, innovative luminous equipment, have been created to guarantee good energy savings at a small cost. Switching from traditional bulbs to LED lights is not difficult and complicated at all. On the contrary, all the accessories of LED lights can be easily adapted to your lighting system. A simple LED bulb is roughly equivalent to thirty incandescent lamps, and compared to the latter, LED lights require less maintenance and can save your money and energy. Compared to other low-consumption light bulbs, LED one can run itself immediately, without needing to heat up to effectively illuminate your shop.


2 – LED lights can provide a pleasant shopping environment

It’s an undeniable fact, that LED lights can give an enjoyable shopping experience to all the customers who cross the threshold of your store. For one thing, according to many studies, the LED light is able to disperse energy in every customer, putting them at ease without any difficulty. For another, the proper LED lighting design will not only allow the staff of your store to better interact with the customers but also facilitate customers to see all the features of the products in more detail. Never neglect the importance of LED lights in the dressing room, given the fact that the place is where customers try on certain types of clothing. In this case, the brightness of these LED downlights cannot be too strong, but bright and warm, providing customers with a relaxed and comfortable experience. Most importantly, it is useful to take advantage of the delicate LED downlights on the wall or ceiling, which successfully gives customers the warmest welcome. Take LED Tri-colour Downlight from OBALS as an example. Equipped with Epistar SMD 2835 LED chip, this LED light is good at standing extremely low temperature, like minus 20℃. Furthermore, the effective heat dissipation and the robust integrated die-casting aluminum body can extend the lifespan of this lamp. The maximum beam angle can reach 100°and there are three sizes of these LED downlights for you to choose: 6 inches, 8 inches, or 9 inches.


3 – LED lights can boost sales greatly

As a matter of fact, the right LED lights can encourage sales as well as promotions, which is a sparkling point of LED lights when it comes to business and marketing. It should be noted that perfect lighting for the display window is indispensable to catch the eyes of passers-by, but utmost importance should be attached to the proper lighting inside your store. Make sure that all the potential buyers are able to see the product description clearly under the soft lighting rather than dazzling light or dim lighting, which helps customers understand the products and get the chance to make up their minds. Besides, a completed lighting system is suggested since it guarantees a good view of all the divided spaces of your store, which allows customers to evaluate and view the most interesting areas according to their needs. It means that if you are a retailer of clothing for men, women as well as children, all kinds of customers will have the opportunity to go to the desired space of your store without difficulty.


Once you understand the advantages of LED lights, you will see why you should use them in your store. If you want to purchase an ideal LED lighting, maybe LED TRI-COLOUR DOWNLIGHT from OBALS can be a perfect choice.

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