Why you should use cloud-based spam filtering?

email filtering

Email spam filtering is a process of filtering out the unsolicited and unwanted emails which clog up your inbox and email server. There are tons of emails sent and received on a daily basis. That is why email filtering has become vital for processing incoming and outgoing emails in accordance with anti-spam techniques.

Why do you need spam filtering?

There are many reasons behind the spam filtering.

Spam Is A Malware Carrier

This is actually the most important reason your business requires email spam filtering. A Malware is a malicious software which can be used to hinder the regular functionality of your computer, gain sensitive information, or enable access to your computer system or network. Spam can be highly dangerous for your office computers. There are many advanced hacking techniques which hackers can use to steal your important data. Even there is spam which can actually take over your emails and start sending emails from your company emails. All this can only be avoided by spam filtering.

Spam Costs Your Business Money

Spam can cost your business money in two different ways. One is when hackers breach your data and steal important information. Secondly, when you receive or send more emails you need more space on your servers. More space on server costs you more money. So many emails can increase your operational expenses.

Spam Reduces Productivity And Wastes Time

If you are receiving tons of emails which are not important then opening and reading them is a waste of time. You indulge yourself in activities which are not important and ultimately your productivity decreases. When your employees are less productive you need to hire more which is again a big expense.

Spam Is Annoying And Can Be Offensive

Spam emails are not always pleasant can they can be very offensive sometimes. You can get annoyed by some emails and destroy your mood for the rest of the day. In order to avoid distasteful emails, you need to have a proper email filtering system in place.

Why you should use cloud-based spam filtering?

Here is why cloud-based spam filtering is a better option than on-site applications. The cloud-based filtering is a much more cost-effective option for a business.

Here are other benefits of the cloud-based email spam filtering.

Low Cost Of Ownership

Cloud security solutions do not require an additional license or on-site hardware infrastructure. No additional technology is required to filter the spam. The cost of cloud-based email filtering is five to ten times less than the on-site application-hosting model.

Remove Threats Before They Enter Your Network

As we discussed earlier how spam can be dangerous to your business. When spam is a threat is identified it immediately needs to be removed before it enters the network.

Setup Spam Filtering Quickly

The traditional on-site applications setup may take weeks or months while the cloud-based spam filtering is easy and quick to set up. There is a matter of a few hours and you can set up the whole process of email filtration.

Always Up To Date

On-site applications are not up to date with the latest spam techniques are hackers are always busy in finding the ways to breach your data. While cloud-based applications are always up to date the latest spam definitions.

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