Why Study in New Zealand?

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New Zealand is about the same size as Japan or the United Kingdom, and yet there are a few reasons why you should choose this country to study there. Many people refer to the inhabitants of this country as “kiwis”, the bird that only exists here and nowhere else in the world. There are so many reasons why you should consider studying in New Zealand rather than in another country. And exactly these reasons we want to introduce to you in this chapter.

The people

The kiwis are one of the most wonderful, lovable and open-hearted peoples in the world. If you are foreign in the country, every native New Zealander will treat you like a friend. The New Zealanders are used to meeting new people, partly because they travel a lot and because so many people come to New Zealand to visit the country. The culture on the islands is very leisurely and relaxed. You’ll rarely feel as stressed as you might in a big city like London or New York. Only a little more than a million people live in the country and New Zealand is one of the safest places in the world. Another great feature of the people there is that they are so different. For such a small country, the diversity is much higher than in most European countries.

The stability

Some people say that because the country is in such a small corner of the world, it is not really disturbed by anyone. New Zealand is a bit isolated from the rest of the world. That’s not true! As mentioned above, people in New Zealand are very open to visitors. But this demarcation also has something positive. The country’s economy is very stable, the cost of living is low and the government is more stable (and less contentious) than in other countries around the world. That’s probably one of the reasons why immigrants are so welcome in the country, which we’ll talk about later.

The weather

Almost nothing comes close to the great weather of New Zealand. The winters are very mild, with temperatures around 10℃ and rarely wet. Snow is often seen in higher areas, but this is not common in lower areas. In summer, the climate is warm and dry with temperatures around 25

℃. As you would expect from the Southern Hemisphere, summer lasts from December to February in New Zealand and winter from June to August. Spring and fall are similar, with slightly cooler temperatures and less rainfall.

New Zealand education system

This is the main reason for going to university in another country, but New Zealand stands out here. First, tuition fees are among the lowest in the world. You get training based on the British system (which is due to British influence on the country) for a fraction of the money you pay in the UK. The degrees are known all over the world for being up to date and practicable. In New Zealand you will get a high-quality, practice-oriented education. New Zealand even goes so far as to review every single study program and every course according to specific guidelines to ensure that it is up to date and among the best in the world. And that’s not all, support for international students is among the best in the world. The New Zealanders have a lot of experience and knowledge in dealing with international students and make sure that they complete their studies successfully.

It will never get boring

For those who love adventure, New Zealand is a unique opportunity. There are literally thousands of things to do here. Do you like to climb? There are many mountains to discover here. Are you more the type to sunbathe on the beach? There are also many stunning beaches to enjoy all year round. There is always something new to discover. The landscape changes depending on where you are; you can find in a hour a completely new, changed landscape. To learn more about the many activities, read our chapter on sports and recreation.

Job opportunities

In New Zealand, there are numerous job opportunities for international students. With your New Zealand student visa you can work up to 20 hours per week during the semester and up to 40 hours during the semester break. So instead of worrying about your finances, you can improve your budget a bit in New Zealand. Maybe you even get the chance to do an internship in your field of study. The International Office at your New Zealand University can help you find a job. Another great thing is that after completing your studies you can work in the country for a further 12 months with a special work permit. More on that in the last point.

Simple Visa and Immigration Policy

Obtaining a visa in New Zealand is incredibly easy. Unlike other countries, it is rarely rejected. You get the opportunity to talk to the staff and tell your side of the story if there is a problem. If you can explain well why you decided to study in New Zealand and your study program also allows you to receive a Statement of Purpose (a statement that you submit with the visa application that will help you in New Zealand) then you should usually get no problems. The country is very open to immigrants, more open than almost any other country in the world. The last advantage is that – as mentioned above – you can work in the country for a year after graduation. If the job you’re working on is related to your degree, then you may even be able to get permanent citizenship. If you apply for them, you usually get them after half a year. More about the application and the requirements for a visa can be found in the chapter on visa and passport.

Do you see why more than 100,000 people a year come to New Zealand to study there? Will you too become one of them and become a “honor kiwi” while completing your studies in such a beautiful and unique country as New Zealand? Then stay on this side and look around; We provide information on the most important topics such as the application process at the university and how to find the right university. We want to answer all your questions and provide you with the information you need to make that decision.

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