Why Small-Pitch LED Displays Are the Best Option For Conference Systems


A small pitch LED display is a type of indoor LED display with a small LED dot pitch. Due to the pixel point control technology used, this type of indoor LED display can better improve the brightness, reduction, and uniformity of the display screen, thus becoming more advanced and reliable. 

Compared with the traditional DLP rear projection display, the Small-pitch LED display has as main advantages to easily splicing 1080P, 4K high-definition large screen, and cabinet 16: 9 golden ratio.

Applications of Small Pitch LED Display in Conference Rooms

1. The small-pitch LED display can vividly present more colorful contents, becoming a useful tool during the conference. Furthermore, it is perfect to create a more comfortable and dynamic professional atmosphere.

2. During the epidemic period, an increasing number of companies have been adopting the telecommuting model. The small-pitch LED Display is worth buying because it can support the communication and real-time remote control. Moreover, it is flexible and convenient to use, which occupies little space.

3. The adjustable brightness range can reach 800-1200CD, providing clear and uniform images seen from all directions.

4. It can guarantee 16bit grayscale and high contrast, together with fine and high-fidelity picture quality. Besides, it has exceptionally high color consistency. In this way, there will be no local distortion, lack of brightness and other phenomenon. Not only this, but it also has a receiving card, breakout board, and power supply that can be pre-maintained, which reduces the difficulty of product maintenance.

Why Small-Pitch LED Displays Are Conducive to the Conference System

1. The high-definition small-pitch LED large-screen display system adopts a high-density, small-pitch surface-mount package as the display panel. It integrates various functions such as a computer system, multi-screen processing technology, etc., 

2. Real-time multi-screen display and analysis of signals from many different signal sources such as computers, cameras, DVD videos, and networks can meet users’ needs for displaying various shared and comprehensive information on a large area. If you often play “pure background” content on conference monitors such as “visual” analysis charts, a small-pitch high-definition LED display will be your best partner for its unparalleled advantages.

3. The brightness of the whole screen can be adjusted intelligently from 0 to 1200cd / ㎡, which can fully adapt to various indoor display environments. Compared with the traditional led display screen, the brightness of the projection fusion and DLP splicing display of the small pitch led screen is slightly higher. Small-pitch LED displays can meet the needs of both large and bright meeting rooms. Because the LED is based on the principle of self-illumination, it is less affected by ambient light. On top of that, it can change according to the surrounding light and dark, the pictures are more comfortable, and the details are perfectly presented. 

4. It can support a wide-range adjustment of color temperature from 1000K to 10000K, which meets the requirements of different application fields. Especially suitable for some conference display applications with special color requirements, such as studio, virtual simulation, video conference, medical display, and other applications.


Regarding small pitch led display, Small Pixel Pitch LED Video Wall produced by RIGARD may be one of the best options on the market. As one of the leading LED display manufacturers in China, RIGARD specializes in producing LED display screen products, including indoor and outdoor LED display screen. Its viewing angle of this led display is up to 160° vertical and horizontal, providing a wider viewing angle. Color uniformity and Dot-to-dot correction technology can provide a pure image with great gradation. We hope this article provided you with more detailed information about small pitch LED displays as the best option for conference systems.

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