Here’s Why Nurses Are Important in Transforming the Healthcare Industry


Doctors have historically been a major symbol of healthcare. They provide the remedies and cure to people with diseases. They are on the front line helping the medical field grow in terms of research and technology but there is someone at the backhand of the hospital. Those people play a major role in the medical industry; they are the backbone of the hospitals. Nurses are those without which it would be impossible for a hospital to function. Very few people understand the importance of nurses and how they are playing an important role in transforming the health care industry.

Nurses are the most important pillar as they bear the burden of the entire hospitals and take care of their wellness. They are the ones who spend the most amount of time with the patient hence their skills and knowledge are irreplaceable. Their efforts are not just restricted to the wards and operation room but also in managerial departments.  Their daily insight and input help the management to make the decisions accordingly. The data incurred from the nurses play an influential role; they are becoming an active source for the future development and transformation of the healthcare industry. 

At such standards, they must get a deeper knowledge of the advanced clinical skills and administrative strategies so it can help them supervise the patients and the employees. Since technology is constantly evolving and a role-player in the industry, a nurse’s role has become more significant. Hence, nurses are encouraged to take BSN to MSN online program which will expand their knowledge as a professional nurse. Here are a few reasons why nurses are important in transforming the health care community.

1. On-Field Insight

One of the important reasons why nurses are important is the fact that they are present in every action happening.  They have a closer look at the industry and understand how the system works and how it does not.  They are there observing how each person tackles their health problems and then provide the necessary assistance. They are performing responsibilities, not in one but all specified areas. As they are working in the medical sphere, the amount of information obtained from different sets of errands is vast. Hence, their area of expertise is wider and the diversity of their knowledge becomes a strong aspect of expanding the industry entirely.

2. Interaction With Patients

Nurses are always there with the patients through the entire process of their medication; they form a greater bond with the patients. They work as a linking joint between the patient and the doctor. They go through difficult situations and it helps them understand the condition and vulnerability of the patients. They experience first-hand how social and economic factors affect the patient’s ability to take care of their health. This polishes the abilities of nurses to work effectively. This gives them insight into the patient’s point of view and this information is very valuable and effective in an expanded view.

3. Digitalization

This is the generation of smartphones and technology. It is necessary to keep yourself updated with the digitalization process. It is changing the ways of interaction between a provider and a patient, making the services available to everyone. It improves efficiency and makes communication faster and easier. Nurses are connecting through live videos and other health care apps to provide quality care. Nurses have a lot of data and information in their hands and there is a lot of margin of human error, hence the digitalization helps in minimizing the mistakes. Nurses help to become the bridge between technology and classic information with their skills. As nurses are always on duty, this tires them out and technology helps in sharing the burden.

4. Working On Both Ends

As said earlier, nurses are a bridge between a patient and its provider. They work as a link between both and understand both sides of the medical care. As they are working in all spectrums of fields, their information and contribution are valid to a larger extent. They help to overpower the shortcomings of both ends. They help in addressing the issues and use their collective data and try to influence changes in all venues. They help to make sure that the health policies work for the benefit of the patient as well as the hospital.

5. Culture Of Health

Nurses are working as a driving force for the hospitals. The way they treat a patient helps in maintaining a certain culture of health. This culture includes treating the patient not just on a physical level but as a whole. Experts suggested that this change could only be made by the nurses who are the major members of the healthcare industry. They lead the care and advocate proper treatment protocols that help in management. They coordinate with all other departments improving the quality and effectiveness of the treatment. This said culture helps to build trust and ensure patient safety.

6. Advanced Degrees

Nurses understand the importance and the nature of their work, hence their need to get more information about their field is a given. They are devoting their life to learning and trying to find an effective measure that helps them in creating a trustworthy environment. The higher degrees help them understand the factor that comes under the administration along with the management.  These degrees help them to become part of the revolutionizing sources that could enforce better policies and take effective measures as they understand the nature of the work. Their first-hand experience mixed with progressive knowledge makes them more reliable and trustworthy.

7. Leadership Roles

With a major shift within the profession, nurses have also become part of the conversation. Their opinions are considered as an important contribution to the community of healthcare. They lead patient-focused care and focuses on patient’s safety to make needed amendments. They communicate and collaborate with all units along with the patient. Their experience with the patients directly is very hard to ignore; hence creating opportunities for themselves. They are being bought up to the front to help improve and achieve greater outcomes.


Nursing is voted as the most trusted profession and communities are making sure that this remains the same. It is a field that bores a lot of responsibility and requires a lot of determination. Nurses selflessly work as an individual who focuses on the wellbeing of the community and act as a role model for so many. Their passion creates a spark that is much needed in the healthcare industry. Their caring personality and spark do not leave even when they leave work. Their love for their work helps them in bringing expertise to their skills which makes their bond stronger with the patients and the community. They are set as a role model for many as they are trying to use their knowledge for the betterment of the healthcare industry. With their skills, they are bringing an affective change within the administration and management. Their experience is becoming the backbone of their opinions leading them to transform the healthcare industry.

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