Seven Amazing Reasons why Bizitome is such a Unique Marketplace


The introduction of internet technology and digital lifestyle have formed the basis for business transformation in the form of eCommerce. Every industry and markets including the fashion industry have felt and are still feeling the incredible technology transformation that is shaping online exchange and financial transactions.

Bizitome is one of the businesses that are quick to identify and tap into these digital ideals. The company has turned the global fashion market around by creating an online marketplace platform where fashion wears and accessories are easily sold and purchased. It created a social e-commerce platform that integrates a sharing economy model thus, reducing barriers to opportunities and enabling many people to earn additional revenue. The firm has since attracted many positive interests and feedbacks. It, however, wishes to bring many more people around to benefit from its simple but creative business model that is making life easier for both buyers and sellers while also creating wealth opportunities for many through a number of activities on the online marketplace. It’s said that seven is synonymous with perfection. It is therefore imperative to share with you the significant reasons why Bizitome is a unique e-commerce marketplace and the many more reasons why you should be a part of the setup.

1. A prototype of a perfect online marketplace platform

When you hear the online marketplace, what should first come to mind is how to make money exchanging goods and services. Bizitome makes this just possible for fashion dealers. It takes off their shoulders the need to rent huge stores and create a physical marketplace. Any dealer could register an account with its online retail store and reach out to many customers in the world. This is made possible because Bizitome is a business that is driven by a community of customers who can easily connect to each other to promote and sell listed goods and services.   This grows sellers’ sales while also reducing marketing costs. All those users (buyers and sellers) have to do is register on the platform for their purpose of use. Sellers, however, have to create an account and a shop page (a personal page) which allows them to manage their orders, transactions, customer support, account setting and messaging. There is not an online marketplace that is more perfectly structured.

2. Sales growth offered without incurring advertising expenses

As a producer and seller, one of the most important traditional business responsibility that is expected of you is the marketing of your products or services. It is however not so an easy task for small businesses, startup ventures and aspiring entrepreneurs because it usually entails lots of capital expenses and time. Even mainstream firms are in fact looking for ways to cut expenses or be more cost-efficient on marketing activities. Bizitome comfortably suits all sellers regardless of their size as the company presents an online marketplace where goods and services get promoted to hundreds of thousands of potential customers without having to spend a dime. Basically, Bizitome has customers, influencers and not-for-profit organizations that save your products in their e-shops and promote them on their networks. The activities of these entities boost the sellers’ visibility without incurring costs. It also means that sellers don’t have to pay for product advertisement as qualified users on the platform act as promoters of your products.

3. A chance to make money without having a product

Why would you let off the chance to make money on a platform where you don’t necessarily have to be a manufacturer or supplier? Then, you should consider joining Bizitome right away, even when you have a job. Everyone needs financial security and freedom which can usually be achieved via making extra revenue. You can simply make Bizitome your additional income source. This is a really simple thing to do. You only have to start your e-shop on the platform and save in a few seconds items you love. Then begin by promoting your e-shop to your network using the platform’s nicely designed features. You will be surprised how much you can make within a really short period. Guess what? This opportunity comes at no limit, no contract nor fees. If you want to learn further on how to make money on the platform, visit here.

4. A platform that helps you to make a social impact

It is safe to say that Bizitome is thinking beyond itself and more of society. The company wishes every user could make a huge difference in society by incorporating the all-important and healthy business culture of giving back to society in order to contribute to global community wellbeing. It understands that fundraising from public and private donors to deliver social missions has become challenging. That’s the reason why Bizitome allows not-for-profit organizations to collect funds directly from its platform in order to implement their activities. The platform allows charity organization to create their e-shop and raise funds through their network and people who believe in their social cause. Now, you have a breakthrough as a life-changer. If you are interested in raising funds on Bizitome, click here.

5. The platform offers ease of payment and financial transactions

When it comes to earnings withdrawal, Bizitome is simply an online platform that offers maximum comfort possible. For each sale transaction, when users earn a commission on a sale, the corresponding amount is immediately deposited in their electronic wallet associated with their Bizitome account.  They can cash out the e-wallet balance or use it for purchases on the platform. In the latter case, the amount of such transactions is not expected to be higher than your available balance. Although there is no minimum balance to pay with your e-wallet once your balance is sufficient for the anticipated transactions, the same cannot be said of withdrawal. Users must have made up to $25 before a withdrawal can be initiated. Money transactions between e-wallets are not allowed. However, you can transfer the commission to a bank account, especially via PayPal. These two possibilities offer users a more comfortable experience to use their earnings as they wish.

6. A platform that makes product promotion easy

Once sellers list their inventories on Bizitome, they can be confident that their products will be promoted by platform users who act as sale agents. These independent promoters in quest of quality and discount products for their networks as well as commissions will help sellers increase visibility at no cost. Basically, the social e-commerce marketplace gets sellers’ products and services promoted via influencers who use different social media channels to vlog, review, showcase, haul and/or tag offers to their millions of followers. Furthermore, sellers can provide exclusivity of a product sharing to an influencer who becomes the only one able to save the related product into his/her e-shop and promote it. Thus, customers must buy this item exclusively from the influencers’ e-shop if they wish for the discount price. The platform is a level playing ground for sellers who wants to use community marketing to grow their business, engage consumers and deliver value beyond their products. This is more than just an online fashion marketplace.

7. The platform offers an excellent digital user interface

As part of its technical efforts to bring users (buyers, sellers, influencers, non-profit organizations) together on the online marketplace and offer as much convenient and comfortable experience, Bizitome makes sure that its digital interface design is in a simple, direct, straightforward and easy to understand format. One unique aspect is that each listed product can be shared through the platform and displays a cash commission earned when the product’s sale is completed. Getting on board, potential users could easily spot where to sign up at the top right-hand corner and become a part of the community. Your account can easily be managed after signing up as well with a list of features on the platform (for example, create an e-shop (or bizit space), tag (bizit) a user with a product, follow a user and be followed, invite friends to join the platform community, etc). Similarly, it is easy to manage orders and follow through complaints. Bizitome also always remind users of its privacy and copyright policies to keep users informed of their maximum safety and security promises.

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