Why are there flowers at funerals?

flowers at funeral

Flowers have been used as a symbol of birth and death throughout history. It has been used to commemorate a celebration like birthdays, weddings, feasts, and even funerals. They come in different forms and types like hand bouquet, birthday flowers, or flower basket. It also symbolizes a lot of meaning depending on the occasion. In death, it symbolizes moments of temporariness and brings color and life to a melancholic moment. It is such a difficult stage of every person’s life to experience the death of a loved one. You begin to feel the stages of grief and it is also in those times that you reminisce the happy moments you have spent with that loved one. You wished you could have that last conversation with them and tell them how you really feel about them. It is a comforting feeling when people start to pour their sympathy and send funeral flowers because it means they remember the deceased person and that the family of the deceased would not feel alone in their grief and in remembering.

According to Little Flower Hut Singapore Flower Delivery, flowers play a significant role in occasions like a funeral. They are a visual expression of sympathy, respect and most especially love. It is also a way of handing out support and sharing with them the burden of grief that the bereaved family is feeling. It is one of the best ways to let someone know that you care and remember them, especially in difficult moments like mourning the death of someone. But why are there flowers at funerals? In History, flowers were used to mask off the odor of the decomposing body of the deceased. But there are other practical reasons why there are flowers at a funeral.

First, flowers are a means of expression of feelings. When there are no words enough to express sadness, grief, and sympathy over the death of a loved one, flowers become the alternative expression of it. When the feeling of grief is too overwhelming, flowers create a good memory through its scent, arrangement and colorful facade. It is also consoling that your loved ones are surrounded by beautiful flowers given by friends and family who remembered the passing of a loved one. You can seek advice from an online florist which flowers are best to express condolence to a loved one. 

Second, it also adds to the dignity, consolation, and sympathy to the funeral. It helps the bereaved family cope with the difficult situation they are experiencing loss and outpouring grief. Sometimes it is difficult to confront and accept the fact the death of someone and feel empty at the thought of not having to enjoy their presence in your life anymore. That is why the mourners of the deceased publicly express their grief and sympathy through socially acceptable means like the giving of funeral flowers. It also helps the grieving family to accept and adjust, in their own way, after the loss of a loved one and show their respect to the deceased. A florist online can help you pick a flower arrangement for a funeral.

Third, the flowers are accessible. When you cannot think of anything to give, flowers are a perfect choice. They are for all occasions and perfect for conveying feelings and emotions when words fail. Just like when you are not quite sure what to give to someone who just got promoted from a job, you can send flowers to say that you are happy for their continued success in life. And when you are too confused by the overwhelming choices of flowers to give to a funeral, you can go to Best florist Singapore.

Fourth, they are given in lieu of absence when you are not available to visit the funeral. When a family member or friends cannot attend the funeral service, they send flowers on behalf of their presence. It is also a way of paying respect to the deceased for the very last time knowing that they will no longer be there forever. Florists in Singapore can help you pick flowers that you want to send in case you cannot attend a funeral service.

Lastly, flowers bring warmth, beauty, and solemnity of the melancholic occasion. Funerals are times of grieving and flowers adds beauty, warmth, and solemnity through their bursting colors and texture. It also brings encouragement and hopes to the family of the departed without having to express words. It highlights the moments that made them special to the person they left behind and gives assurance that their memories will forever hold in their hearts. Flowers like lilies are the most common at funerals. Not only because they bloom every season, but because they symbolize the soul of the deceased as innocent and pure. 

In times of happy and sad moments, flowers are always present. Even in times of birth and death, they are the best expression of love and care. Each flower showcases different meanings for every occasion. It can be given to someone who is recovering from sickness, or expressing your condolences. It is basically a gift for all seasons. Just like at funerals, when you give flowers to the bereaved family, they somehow forget the feeling of loss because flower symbolizes life and new beginnings. It’s just a matter of picking the right flowers for the right moment. Make sure to avail same-day flower delivery when giving flowers to make sure it’s fresh when it reaches the hands of the bereaved family.

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