Whose Number is This?

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How many times does it happens to you that you look at your phone and think, “whose number is this?” well, there are certain people who try to keep their lives a little more private and can be classified as introverts. Now, what if these unknown callers keep on sneaking up on people in a creepy manner? Breaking someone’s privacy or annoying them in various ways is one big crime. And what if someone is stalking you? Your life will become a living hell on Earth knowing there is someone keeping an eye on your actions and on your life.

Stalking someone and getting their number is one such problem to be discussed here. It happens all the time. A coworker, a stranger, an ex, a friend with a new number, or some random being trying to invade your life can get access to your number and misuse it.  It is even bigger a problem to be reported in the lives of celebrities. Celebrities are famous and they have little privacy of their own. A random guy living in some random house can prove to become dangerous to such celebrities and no one will ever know. One advantage of him being not traced is that he can use the cover of some fake name, a fake identity, or a fake social account. He may be using some fake numbers to keep himself out of the range of the law. But they will always keep being a threat to you making you question whose number is this and what they want from you? Intruding someone’s privacy means to take away the right of a person wishing to stay alone in peace. Somewhere the problem lies in us too. One must be aware of the fact that little information must be given on social media sites. These days people give little importance to this factor and hence they upload everything from their favorite food to favorite song and even their favorite places to visit and hence giving so much of the personal information gives greater access to the spy or the stalker to your private life and hence the number.

It may happen due to several reasons. In the case of a celebrity, the situation gets even out of hand in terms of maintaining their personal private life. Some random fan having some psychological issues can cause such great damages and can go to any extent to reach their favorite celebrity. Their obsession with a certain character may make them believe that they will get a similar response to feelings from the other side. Having this obsession in mind, they go off-limits; they not only annoy them with their prank calls but try to attain their attention in every possible way.

This psychotic disorder of being obsessed with a certain person does not give a stalker a legitimate certificate to invade other person’s privacy and the ones doing it for the sake of fun are even more pathetic. Therefore it becomes the necessity of the time in this social and global world to stay aware of such intruders.

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