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What is Dakimakura Pillow?

Dakimakura pillow was Japanese and is famous all over Japan. The biggest audience is young people who love animes. On the huge hugging pillow, they let their favorite anime star. Quick all the pillows of dakimakura are an inner body pillow plus a very beautiful large pillowcase. A lot of anime fans print beautiful and sexy anime girls on the pillowcase, it’s very attractive to young people. So, it’s a gift of protection, but not anything like that. You can also buy dakimakura Seriousness.

In fact, many people like this product because it has a love pillow associated with it. Love pillows are a subset of dakimakura which typically depicts life-size images of anime characters. Some ointments may depict anime pornographic characters or actors in provocative poses.

In short, a dakimakura store is a large pillow of the body with a case thereon. But you can have a lot of different covers, you can change them as you like, and buy your charming anime characters or even a dog. It’s your decision. Because almost every one of the dakimakura is tailor-made.

In fact, Dakimakura is not an old product, it does appear from the 1990s, and the use of the printer makes it possible to print the pictures of anime boys or girls on the pillowcase, which is the dakimakura pillow’s start. Although sometimes called a “Dutch wife,” that phrase’s original definition is closer to the chikufujin, or “bamboo wife.” We name pillow waifu too. Hugging your waifu is really wonderful, and if you sleep with her she will eventually warm up to body temperature which is great when you wake up.

From 2015 Dakimura was popular, many anime fans show it on the street, so it’s not just otaku stuff, you can easily find lots of anime fans hugging With the Tokyo dakimakura, Osaka … or other Japanese cities.

The Dakimakura consists of a pillow cover and an inner pillow and there are about four different styles of the dakimakura fabric cover, and we sometimes say buy Pillow Pillow cover is actually buy. As for anime fans, who first buy anime body pillow cover, choosing the right fabric is very difficult for them.

It is a Japanese word which means pillow hugging. And that is all it is in Japan (just a body pillow)

But outside Japan, a dakimakura is known as a body pillow with a cover printed on it with an anime character. It is popular among Weeaboos and Otakus.

People generally think that having one is odd, or even creepy. But in reality, if used correctly, a dakimakura provides a striking amount of physical and mental health benefits.

What is a custom body pillow?

Use our online tool Diipoo Custom Body Pillow, customize your own body pillow in a unique way. Just 3 steps! Create your beloved body pillowcase with a picture, it will make your bedtime more special.

How to pillow your own body?

Step 1: Choose the pictures you like best.

Step 2: Diipoo upload your pictures.

Step 3: Choose your favorite.

Step 4: Size up your pictures.

Step 5: Order your illustrations!

On your custom body pillow, you can choose which photos, images, and text you want. Upload your photos or images, then resize them, we will print directly onto the fabric after your design is completed and your order is placed. Worldwide Free Shipping, 3 steps to complete your order.

A Dakimakura’s History

It is mostly used for infants or children in the early days of modern dakimakura. In the 1990s, the dakimakura began to interweave for development with the home culture. Many anime- or video game-character dakimakura are produced in batches.

The early dakimakura were frequently developed as peripheral anime products. Later, skilled manufacturers started to appear, specializing in dakimakura development and personalized anime dakimakuras.

Is the Body Harmful to the Dakimakura?

Why do some people who use dakimakura tend to have allergic symptoms similar to skin itching?

First of all, it may be that the individual’s skin sensitivity is different. Next, it may be that after purchase, the pillowcase is used directly without cleaning. A dakimakura is recommended to be thoroughly cleaned after purchase and before use.

All in all, a dakimakura is something of bedding, and it is always right to pay attention to cleaning. If you wish to pillow custom body or buy dakimakura! Shop now at the dakimakura store in Diipoo, please.

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