What Happens When You Need To Empty Your Self Storage Unit In A Hurry?


Read about the process of emptying your self-storage unit quickly, and how you can do that efficiently whilst keeping your things safe.

Ideally, we would all like to empty our cheap self storage unit in our own time. To have the time to look through everything and prepare it for transportation, without having to rush.

Sometimes though, life doesn’t go that way. Sometimes, for whatever reason, you need to empty that unit quickly. To help you with the process of emptying your cheap self-storage unit at speed, here’s a rundown of the process:

Letting The Facility Know

As soon as you know you need to empty your unit you need to let the facility know. You will then need to abide by the contract rules and pay the notice. Usually, you only need to give a month’s notice, unless you have signed up to a contract of a longer length.

If you are going to struggle to pay the remainder of your contract it is best to tell the facility as soon as you can. They may be able to come to an arrangement with you, something they are more likely to do if you speak to them about your situation.

Getting Your Things Out Of Self Storage

Once you know you need to empty your unit, you need to sort out the logistics first. That includes the manpower to fill the transport, the transport to carry the items and the place for the items to be moved to.

If you are struggling for a vehicle big enough to pick up all your things, look online for a man with a van service. This is often cheaper than a professional moving service, and the drivers will have less official ‘slots’.

Do take with you as many boxes, bags and other types of packaging to help you get your things back home safely.

If you can’t take it all with you, again, speak to the facility about it. They will appreciate knowing your issue and may be able to help you with it.

Taking Your Items Back Home

Ideally, you will have enough room at home to store your things again after taking them from cheap self-storage, for example, see https://storing.com/.

Before you put them away, it could be worth going through everything to see what can be given away to charity or friends. This will minimize the amount of storage that you need to create. You may well have placed items in cheap self-storage that you don’t want any more.

Once you know what you want to keep, you will need to be creative with storage. Remember, storage is much broader than a cupboard or a shelf. Spaces are under the floors and sofas, inside tables and in-ceiling storage units. A lot of storage can be created if you are innovative and creative. Take a look at Tiny Homes Nation to see just how many more storage options you have, than you perhaps realize.

If you do need to empty your self-storage quickly, remember to focus on logistics first, contents second. You can go through your boxes and bags at a later date, but if you don’t speak to the facility they may lock off your unit. If you don’t arrange transport, you can’t get your things at home.

With a practical head, you’ll have your items safe and home with you soon.

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