What Are the Benefits of Hotel Automation System to Hotel Owners


The hospitality industry is evolving, especially when it comes to hotels.

The emergence of technologically backed sharing platforms like Airbnb, Booking, HomeAway, etc. and their increasing mass adoption makes a valid case for why hotel owners need to implement a hotel automation system. The aforementioned, however, is from the viewpoint of consumer convenience and seamless overall user experience. Hotel owners and managers must also consider the benefits of hotel automation from the economic front. 

In this post, we take a look at the role of AI in the management of hotels and the benefits of implementing hotel automation systems to hotel owners.

The trend of intelligent management in hotels

Technological advances in society today have also made its way into the hotel industry. An industry itself that came about as the need to provide comfortable temporary accommodation for visitors and travelers emerged. Players in this extremely competitive sector now leverage upon excellent service delivery to gain an edge over other rivals, which is where hotel automation systems come in. 

Hotel automation systems allow hotel managers to efficiently interact with vital facilities like – lights, air conditions, shades, entertainment systems, and other hotel-specific services, thus ensuring the economic viability and efficient operation of hotels. 

The integration of artificial intelligence into hotel automation is expected to drastically enhance the personalized hotel experience of users – from site booking to eventual checkouts. This trend has also seen hotels incorporate chatbots into their platforms as a useful tool to engage and preserve several demographics.

A study on “Hotels of the Future by Hotels.com, predicts that – in the next 40 years, hotel users will be able to experience augmented reality, artificial intelligence, morphing beds, robotics, hyper-connectivity, and lots more.


Benefits of hotel automation systems to hotel owners

Hotel automation system features offer a host of perks to hotel owner and managers in the form of:

Predictive & preventive maintenance

Predictive and preventive maintenance are concepts most hotel managers are very familiar with. They refer to the monitoring of the condition and performance of devices or appliances to discern when it would likely fail, and also how to avoid and manage imminent failures. 

Implementation of proper predictive and preventive maintenance practices by adopting smart hotel solutions helps improve the efficiency of service delivery. For example, predictive maintenance can assist in identifying irregularities in a hotel’s elevator system so that maintenance is scheduled at a time which does not inconvenience hotel customers.

Reduction in running costs  

The adoption of hotel automation helps lessen the overall running cost of hotels. A typical example is in the area of energy consumption; Thermostats controlling air conditioners and humidifiers can turn off certain appliances when not use. Besides, light usage is optimized by the presence of ambient sensors. 

Also, Impending faults in appliances are detected using predictive maintenance which can potentially save cost in as situations where appliances are eventually replaced due to late or wrong diagnosis.

Increased in patronage

It is a no-brainer that technological advances especially in the area of smart hotel solutions make the overall lodging experiences of hotel enthusiasts. From an entertainment standpoint, some hotels are already implementing AR and VR functionalities to provide a more immersive entertainment experience to its users.

Other domains where hotel automation systems are useful:

  • Enabling scalability to eventually integrate the entire building systems
  • Providing real-time data from appliances sensors for quicker equipment diagnostics
  • Detailed information analytics to optimize appliances efficiency

Let us be clear about something, a lot of people find it difficult to purchase the right appliances, or devices because it is either that good product are often very pricey or cheap products are of low quality. 

Trying to establish that delicate balance between affordability and quality can be really daunting. This is why HDL automation stands above its peers. They provide high-quality hotel automation devices like sensors, lights, gateways, and a lot more at very competitive prices.

HDL automation is a Chinese based manufacturer and provider of integrated smart hotel solutions. With a presence in over 100 countries and a portfolio that spans across various sectors, HDL automation is the top choice hotel owners and managers.

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