What Are Some of The Most Valuable And Respected Business Degrees That You Can Earn?


Working in business has long been a popular career choice for many. This comes down to a number of important factors. The wide choice of business roles is certainly one and gives superb scope to anyone who is thinking of following this sort of career. The pay levels in business jobs can be pretty good also, and this is true especially if you start to move up the ladder. Most business roles also come with a good amount of annual leave and convenient working hours. All this combined makes it an appealing sector to move into.

To get the most from a business career, having the right education behind you is key. Without the qualifications that employers ask for in your locker, you will struggle to find a job or progress beyond entry-level roles. Degrees are the gold standard that most companies ask for a lot of the time. When you start looking into studying for this type of qualification though, you will soon start to notice that some degrees are more valued than others.

It, therefore, makes sense to study for a degree that falls into this category. This is because it will give your resumé a lift and make you more appealing to future employers. Which business degrees are some of the most respected around?

Master of Business Administration

One of the higher-level degrees you could earn that demands respect is the Master of Business Administration. Working at Master’s level enables you to pick up higher-level business knowledge that is valued by employers. It also puts the really top jobs such as chief executive officer and VP sales in your reach. MBA courses such as this usually include modules in subjects such as marketing, people management and accounting, which are in demand across multiple industries. Many Master of Business Administration programs now can also be completed online for extra convenience.

When it comes to online MBA programs, a top choice is that offered by Kettering University. Kettering’s Master of Business Administration program is highly respected by employers and ideal for anyone looking to take their business career up a level. It not only gives you the extra knowledge needed to step up, but also puts world-class learning at your fingertips.

Masters in Finance

What if you have a love for numbers in business and want to specialize in this field? The best answer is to study for a Masters in Finance. This is also highly respected as a qualification and carries weight with companies looking for people to fill specific roles such as finance manager. If an entrepreneur is looking at how to choose an accountant for a small business, you can bet that holding this award will make them gravitate towards you!

By focusing your studies only on finance, you are able to delve deeper into key concepts such as analyzing market trends, creating financial statements, and managing staff. It is certain that anyone who wishes to work at a senior level in business finance will benefit from having such a respected award behind them.

Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems Management

Masters degrees, such as those shown above, do represent the crème de le crème in terms of educational attainment. However, there are also some other degrees that are still very respectable and valued. The Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems Management is a superb example. This sets you up to work in the fast-growing IT sector and move into an industry that is set to keep rising.

Holding this degree can open up some appealing roles, including IT manager, systems manager and systems architect. The valuable IT skills that this degree teaches you are sought after by employers in all sectors, and the average salary of $83,000 that graduates with this degree earn makes it even more attractive to take on.

Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing

Another highly valued Bachelor’s Degree that is respected by employers is marketing. Next to IT, marketing is an area within all companies that is hugely important. This means that anyone who has picked up degree-level knowledge in the latest marketing techniques is prized. By completing this qualification to put on your resumé, you will be showing potential employers that you hold an award they respect.

Typically, this degree teaches you aspects of B2B and B2C marketing that all companies will find useful. It will also teach you about digital marketing techniques, consumer behavior, and generally give you the skills to help any business generate more revenue. Usually, this type of award opens up well-paid careers such as marketing manager or digital marketing executive.

Choosing the right business degree is crucial

There seems little doubt that the business degree course you choose to take is vital to your future career prospects. While all business degrees show that you have worked to a certain level in education, some qualifications seem to have an extra air of respectability. They also seem to be more valued by employers and companies looking to fill higher-level roles. The above programs fit into this category and are worth thinking about if you are planning a business career.

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