Weirdest Technological inventions of Japan

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Whenever we think of technology or creative inventions, Japan is one of the few names that definitely pops into our heads. Japan is one of the most technologically advanced countries which has introduced the world to such concepts and innovations that no one could even think of. This is a country that literally rose from ashes and became one of the fastest running in the race of success and prosperity.

Japan, where it introduced nameless huge technologies few of them are very unusual. The practical use of these inventions shows us why technology is good. Some of the strangest advancements that Japan made till date, in no particular order, are,

Bite Scan

Bite Scan is a small, portable and lightweight device which hangs from the ear of the user exactly like a Bluetooth device and it detects the chewing rate of the person by taking into account the bite speed of the person using the device, types of bites as well as the number of bites. This is to develop a healthy chewing habit.


ERGO is a software that replaces the fingerprint with an earprint. ERGO is developed by taking into account the fact that fingerprints are now prone to hacks. ERGO can be downloaded into one’s smartphone and it’s good to go as no other hardware is required for it to work. In this software, a sound, when the smartphone is aligned with the ear, is sent to one’s ear and it echoes back in a specific way for every individual due to the specific geometry of everyone’s ear, thus making it safer than a fingerprint.


CaloRieco is basically a calorie scanner. It scans the food put in front of it using the infrared rays and scans it for the nutrients that it contains. It could be helpful for people from all walks in life, for example, those who want to lose or gain weight, those with diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, etc.


Cocotto is an android device in the shape of a bowling ball which is being described as a perfect babysitter for kids. The device tells the children to go to sleep along with singing them from the data it downloads from the cloud. Cocotto can help children in their educational development in addition to being their playmate.

High-Technology Toilets

Japanese toilets literally have more control options than our TV remotes have. One of the most tech-savvy thing that Japan has ever stumbled upon is their super toilets which have functions built in them which are controlled by their wireless remote controls. The functions include Washlets (i.e. toilet opens and closes on a hit of a button), Spray and massage options and many more.

Capsule Hotels

The popularity of these is increasing rapidly but Japan first started the concept of Capsule Hotels. These are cozy pods which were for the people who need a place to only have a sound sleep. Now extravagant capsules are also being introduced across Japan providing the residents with TV Screens and hot springs as well.

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