Top 3 Reasons Why You Need a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or VDI became quite popular during the past years, as it represents a reliable way to offer companies new methods of working and managing their staff. The primary way in which VDI solutions impact the manner in which businesses function is that it permits companies to collaborate across vast distances. This offers outstanding flexibility and better productivity rates. Besides, Virtual Desktop Solutions gained a lot of attention due to the tech they use, which offers more computing power. Still, if you are not sure you need a VDI zero client solution, read on to discover the top reasons why VDI solutions can benefit your business.

What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

A VDI solution represents the virtualization of a user’s desktop on a centralized server instead of using resources, such as a PC or laptop. This VDI terminal can be implemented internally in an organization on dedicated hardware. At the same time, VDI solutions can be created in a cloud service. Both options offer a lot of benefits in terms of cost savings, productivity, and performance of an organization.

VDI solutions benefits

#1 VDI is excellent for increasing flexibility

Virtual Desktop Solution is great for permitting users to access their desktop from anywhere on any device with an internet connection. Thus, it offers a lot of flexibility and ease of access for organizations that have remote users.

#2 VDI solutions are one of the most secure

Another advantage that recommends VDI as the best solution for any business is its impressive security features. Overall, a VDI solution transmits primary input and output information within the VDI environment. This offers outstanding security and limited risks of data loss. Besides, the sensitive data of an organization is not delivered via the network connection. 

#3 VDI increases performance with diminished costs

A VDI terminal is proved to be great for increasing productivity and performance within an organization. Besides, it is cost-effective, while the initial costs of installing a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure are absorbed in time. It is a great return on investment approach, as VDI solutions diminish expenditure on client devices, energy costs, or even staff costs. 

So, where do you get the most reliable Virtual Desktop Solution?

Now that you know why you need a VDI solution and how it can benefit your organization, it is time to discover the most reliable provider for VDI zero client services. We highly recommend the services available at vCloudPoint, as their vast experience in the field and expertise in regards to Virtual Desktop Solutions makes them the go-to providers on the market. 

The VDI solution proposed by them comes with a VDI zero client, commonly known as the ultra-thin client. This features no moving parts, and instead centralize all processes and storage data to the space running on the host. As such, there is no need for a local driver to be installed, while no patch management and operating system are necessary. This VDI solution requires little power consumption, and it is known for its durability and increased security. Besides, the advantages of using the solutions offered by vCloudPoint include:

  • Diminishing initial purchasing costs;
  • Improved management of IT budgets;
  • Improved lifespan for systems, especially for harsh environments such as restaurants or manufacturing;
  • Centralized management and remote tech support;
  • Lower risks of unplanned downtime and virus infection;
  • File sharing features and no risk of data loss.
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