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Pattaya Thailand

Pattaya is a popularly visited city by tourists from all over the world. When Pattaya is stated, the very first thing that comes to the mind is drunk tourists, risqué shows and ladyboys. This city does have plenty to offer to travelers of all types. It also boasts of having several beautiful beaches and temples that are frequented by locals and tourists alike. There are also numerous activities that tourists can engage in during their trip to the city. The city, however, has been changing with time as there can be noticed several expats residing here. With so much to do, the best way to start the trip is to book the best hotels in Pattaya.

  1. Walking Street: This is the best place to party away the night. Here, you can get to experience the sounds and sights that will leave you completely amazed. No other street here in Thailand will boast of such an amazing thing like that of Walking Street. It is 500m long. After 6 pm, as the name derives, no vehicles are allowed here to ply. This street along with several other side streets has nightclubs, bars, go-go bars, beer bars, restaurants, etc. The road seems to be deserted during the daytime. But at night, as darkness falls, you can get to hear loud music, see neon lights and girls in huge numbers hit the streets.
  2. Pattaya Floating Market: Even though Thailand boasts of having several floating markets, the one that is considered to be something different is this one. The market’s original name is ‘4 Regions Floating Market’. It is because, this market has been split into to represent the country’s four regions, viz., Central, South, Northeast, and North. But not all stalls can be found to be floating. Few are in boats that move across the canals. Few stilted properties can be seen to stand on the bank sides. You can get a small boat for rent and check out the market and find out what is on offer.
  3. Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden: If landscaped gardens, trees and flowers interest you, then you should definitely visit this botanical garden and spend the afternoon peacefully. The total area covered is around 2.4sq. km. It does boast of having some of the beautiful flowers that are exotic. This garden is known to have won several awards for its designs. Moreover, being well kept, it does have very bright chances to win a few more awards in the future. Besides trees and flowers, the garden also boasts of having 670+ orchid species and also holds elephant talent show.
  4. Art in Paradise: It is not an ordinary art gallery. Rather, it turns on the normal concept of an art gallery to something special. Here, you become part of artwork through a series of clever tricks and optical illusions. This gallery has been perfectly set up to allow taking pictures to make it appear like you fly using a magic carpet over the desert or cross the old bridge. There are in total of 10 sections in the building housing over 100 art pieces. This place is really entertaining for both adults and children.
  5. Believe it or not of Ripley: ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not’ is actually a museum chain that offers visitors with precious information on strange facts associated with our world. Most facts shown here are those things which you would find it hard to believe that it really exists. This museum is considered to be home to 300+ items that are split over 10 diverse subject areas. Here you can come across a 1937 Jaguar which doubles as Titanic replica created from million matches and that of a motorboat. The tour of this amazing museum to complete will take the entire day, since there is so much to see, know and understand. The infinity maze is sure to make you get lost. Once you are done checking out the museum, you can come across Madame Tussaud’s Wax Works. You can also explore 4D Moving Theatre.
  6. Ziplining at Gibbon Flight: Halfway between Pattaya and Bangkok is located Flight of Gibbon. This place is sure to be fun-filled and adventurous for all the family members. You can simply zipline without any worry and enjoy the nature and beautiful views down below as you pass by. The course is about 3 km long. There are 2 abseiling stations and 22 ziplines. This adventure sport boasts of having an impeccable track record. You can feel completely safe here.
  7. Wat Phra Khao Yai: It is also referred to as the Big Buddha Hill and is considered to be the region’s biggest Buddha standing at a height of 1.8m and sits around 100m above sea level. As you get to the hilltop and stand close to the Buddha, you will be able to see Pattaya right beneath you. When looking outwards, you can see Jomtien Beach. Besides the Buddha is present a temple complex having incense that burns throughout the day. Also are present several bells. This temple is still in use and monks can be noticed chanting prayers.
  8. Anek Kusala Sala: Here, you can go backward in time. It was built originally to develop strong friendships between Khao Chi Chan and the Chinese. This museum showcases 300+ Chinese art pieces. Most of the artwork is bronze and brass statues belonging to historical figures taken from different deities including the Taoist and the Buddhist. This museum is split into 2 floors, with the second floor having larger statues. Shaolin monks are created to depict different martial art poses. Also are present statues of liquor sellers, fortune tellers and dressmakers, upon which tourists can be noticed to keep one baht coins.
  9. Khao Chi Chan: It is also known as Buddha Mountain, where you can come across the world’s biggest Buddha engraving. It is a limestone hill having engravings of the Buddha. It was previously an active site meant for the construction industry. The laser had been used in 1996 to engrave carving of the Buddha into the rock to celebrate His Majesty, Thailand King’s 50th year of ascending the throne.

So, Pattaya has lots of fun and adventure for all types of tourists.

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