Top 6 Benefits of Commercial Window Treatments


There are several things that business owners, commercial space owners, or decision-makers, can do to create a more comfortable environment for either their employees or customers. Counted among the most important, are commercial window treatments.

This article is going to talk about the top 6 reasons why installing window treatments are so important, and how making the right selection for your environment, can create a more comfortable and cost-effective space to either work, shop, entertain, or simply dwell.

1. Shade

This is the first reason because that’s the knee-jerk thought that comes to mind when talking about window coverings. However, there are all kinds of different treatments that don’t provide shade at all and are meant to do other things.

Do you simply need to blot out the sun, and eliminate exterior light from entering into the building? Perhaps it would serve you better to talk to professionals about the type of treatment would work best, and how dark you’d like the shade to be. That would save you some guess-work and likely some money.

2. Privacy

This is the norm for homes and apartments, but privacy is important for many different commercial situations as well. The type of window treatment that’s decided upon, will greatly impact the level of privacy they’ll provide.

3. Light Dispersal

This is best for offices or places where people use their computers, tablets, phones, etc… Window treatments designed to disperse light reduces glare that often occurs on bright, sunny days. This makes using anything with a monitor or screen easier on the eyes, while still flooding the space with natural light.

4. Looks

The absence of window treatments causes a building to have the appearance of lacking something- as if it’s not finished yet. Any style of window treatment can make a dramatic impact on the aesthetics of any interior environment.

Any space can appear to be more professional with the right selection. On the other hand, there are treatments out there that will cause for a space to have a warm, and inviting sense about it. There are enough options out there to choose from that can suit the need and set the tone, for any commercial situation.

5. Energy Efficiency

According to the Department of Energy, appropriate and mindful management of window treatments can reduce heat gain by up to 77 percent. On the flip side, the same is also said about avoiding heat loss during the winter months.

This is where it is worthwhile consulting a professional about your window treatments- to save energy costs down the road. The right types of treatments along with professional installation can save you or your business money over time.

6. UV Protection

There are special windows fabricated out there, that reduce the intake of harmful ultra-violet rays. However, these are the exception, rather than the rule. Typical and most common windows offer no such protection.

There are window treatments and coverings that are designed to greatly reduce the incoming UV’s. This is important to preserve the longevity of the furniture, pictures and frames, carpets, wood floors, and anything that is made from fabric.

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