Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Opt for Commercial Deep Fryer


Commercial countertop deep fryers are an essential item for restaurants and fast foods. Such kitchen appliances and equipment provide quick solutions to meet the needs of those busy establishments, while the benefits of induction cooking offer a wide array of advantages. 

How does induction cooking work?

The working principle behind induction cooking revolves around magnetic induction. Such cooktops consist of a spiral coil positioned beneath the cooking zone. A compatible induction pot activates the power supply, allowing current to flow in the coil and produce magnetic fields. These fields create a current in the cookware, and heat is generated from within. Induction cooking comes with several benefits, including:

Efficiency: The efficiency of induction fryers could reach up to 92%, with less heat wasted.

Faster cooking time: The higher efficiency will greatly reduce the cooking time. All means are usually done in 5 minutes.

Safety: No-flame cooking could better guarantee the safety of chefs in commercial kitchens.

Ease of maintenance: The smooth surface makes it easy to clean and stay stainless.

User-friendly designs: The temperature and firepower could be easily controlled as your needs.

Diminished costs in terms of utility bills: Automatic cooking units could reduce labor costs and save 48% on energy costs.

Why should you use a commercial countertop deep fryer?

There are several reasons why you should consider a commercial deep fryer, besides the ones associated with induction cooking. This type of appliance comes with 2 fry baskets, which is excellent for frying all sorts of foods rapidly, with better results when compared to traditional pans. You can fry chips, snacks, potatoes, and many other meals while preserving their taste and appeal. Still, there are a couple of advantages that come from using a commercial deep fryer, as shown down below.

#1 Rapid frying process

The main reason why restaurants or similar establishments opt for commercial countertop deep fryers is that they provide access to a faster frying process. This is essential in a busy restaurant where demands are continually coming. Besides, fry is popular due to its ability to fry foods perfectly, without burning them.

#2 Less oil consumed

An exciting benefit that comes from using a commercial deep fryer is that it will diminish your oil consumption. Frying in a pan will make you use a lot of oil, as usually, you will have to change it after each food you cook. Benefit from the fry basket design, it can effectively isolate the oil residue, so that it allows you to fry healthily and sustainably.

#3 Useful tools in large kitchens

You can opt for using a tabletop deep fryer or a vertical deep fryer depending on your needs. No matter which one you choose for, you will discover that it is a rather efficient appliance that saves a lot in terms of costs and time spent cooking. And the best part of it is that it comes with a user-friendly design allowing everyone to use it safely. 

Which is the best stir fry cooker for commercial purposes?

And with all those benefits in mind, you might ask yourself which commercial deep fryer to opt for. We suggest you consider the product available at Smabo, as it stands out due to the qualitative and durable materials used in its design. 

It is an automatic stir-frying cooker, which offers a lot of ease for chefs that are alone in the kitchen. The average time needed for frying a dish doesn’t exceed five minutes, making this deep fryer countertop the best solution for a busy kitchen. Studies show that only one commercial deep fryer can do the job of three chefs. This means you can save up to 50% in labor costs!

The main features for this commercial countertop deep fryer are:

Eight levels of firepower that allows better control of the frying process;

Automatic features, suitable for busy restaurants or takeaways establishments;

Simple maintenance;

Created with non-stick materials, which prevent food sticking;

It is excellent for boosting efficiency in any commercial kitchen. 

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