Top 3 Reasons Why the Macro Lens Need to be Close to Subjects

Macro Lens

Sometimes a moment seizes us, and we want it to last forever, but unfortunately, it doesn’t. Luckily, we can capture that moment for later times to bring nostalgia. But the aesthetics and radiation these moments bring very much depend upon the visibility and quality of the image. We want to store the tiniest details of the objects involved in it. But capturing such minute objects can be a daunting task. Therefore, the family of macro lenses, like APEXEL, are designed for exactly such purposes. So, what are these lenses?

Macro lenses are used in macro photography. It is the art of making small objects look bigger so that tiny details can be captured, which are not possible with the naked eye or standard lens. While a wide lens brings more area in the lens to capture, the macro lens focuses on details of the subject to get a closer shot. In essence, a macro lens is an object that allows us to scale up the size of the object, thereby making it possible for us to capture that tiny detail about an object.

Depending upon the variety of focus distance, there are many types of macro lenses. The focus distance determines your working distance from the object. Let’s explore the different types based upon focal length.

  • 100mm: The lenses with this focal length are ideal when the distance is as close as 6 inches. For things like stamps, coins, and jewelry, these lenses are ideal. For example, APEXEL APL-HB3080 is good for cell phones to shoot small objects within the focal length of 30-80mm.
  • – 58mm: Lenses with mid-range focal length are best when the distance is almost a foot away. Things like inanimate objects are perfect for these lenses. In this case, APEXEL APL-HB100M Super Macro Lens is worth of trying.
  • – 5mm: When you do not want to be close to the object for safety purposes, these lenses, such as 100X Microscope Lenses, are a great choice for capturing tiny details.

Like other macro lenses, APEXEL APL-24XMH is also used to capture minute details and great for product photography. It is used in photo rendering of the products to create photorealistic images useful for marketing and advertising purposes. Apart from that, macro lenses like APEXEL can also be used as a portrait lens. With control over the aperture, you can take your photography to a whole new level.

For macro photography, the distance from which a shot is taken is vital to get the best quality picture. Following are the reasons why a macro lens should be near to the object.

  • Minimum Focus Distance:

This distance guides the degree of closeness to the subject. Generally speaking, the higher the focal length of the macro lens, the longer should be the distance at which you have to stand to focus on the subject. If you are nearer to the subject, your images will be much better.

  • Depth of Field:

One important thing you have to take into account is the depth of field. In macro photography, it is usually constrained at close range. In order to have as much of your subject covered, you need to make sure that enough light is passing, which depends upon the distance you have from the subject. Therefore, if you are close to the subject, you will get better results.

  • Magnification:

Simply speaking, magnification is the size of the subject formed on the lens to the size of the subject in the real world. They usually come in 1:1 life-size. The working distance of the object is smallest at 1:1 magnification. Therefore, you must be as close to the subject as you can to take the shot. The lower the magnification ratio, the better will be the results, and magnifying too much can tear down pixels.

APEXEL is a one-stop solution to all of your camera accessories. They provide high-quality lenses that can be extremely helpful in your photography journey. Their phone microscope has high magnification power as they can capture small objects with distortion. You can use their 100mm macro lens from a distance of 4-7 cm from the object compared to the general lenses, which distorts the image quality when used from a long distance. They are specialized in mobile phone camera solutions. Whether you want to enjoy a wide-angle camera or macro lens, APEXEL is your company to choose from as they provide features that are rare in the market.

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