Tips to Maintain Rente Construction Equipment

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The business world is rapidly expanding at a massive pace. Innovations are taking place every other day, and different competitive products keep entering the market. With this increasing competition, it has become vital for businesses to keep making progress in terms of better products, functions, and processes. For companies to stay at the top of their game, production processes must be structured in a way that minimizes costs and results in increased profits.

Consequently, more and more businesses are focusing on restructuring their business processes. One way that organizations have moved towards this is to rent machinery and equipment rather than owning them in-house. There are numerous benefits of getting portable rental equipment for use rather than purchasing. One of the most prominent benefits is the savings you make on the initial capital investment. If you have construction works business, then the savings are colossal since construction equipment and machinery cost a fortune.

However, it is also vital to ensure that the rented equipment is adequately maintained. Even though you don’t own the equipment, rental contracts may put the onus of any damage to the material on your business. Hence, it is essential to ensure the rental equipment is taken care of appropriately.

In the article ahead, we are going to provide you with a list of helpful tips that will aid you in managing and maintaining your company’s rental machinery and equipment.

 Train the Machine Operators Appropriately:

Construction equipment, or any machinery for that matter, involves one or more operators. The right training and instructions need to be given to the operators to ensure that the machinery or equipment is functioning correctly.

Once the rented machinery is received, you should read up on the rental agreement and the equipment manuals to know the details regarding the functioning of the equipment. Construction equipment often consists of massive machinery pieces that are difficult to manage. Hence, the precise instructions must be received and then given to the team of workers.

The machinery operators might already have enough skills. However, ensuring that they are well-aware of the needs and requirements of the equipment they work with is also essential. Also, different operators may have different skill sets. Hence, keeping a check on whether the material is handled is also crucial.

Knowing the rental agreement in detail will keep you from getting any future surprises in the form of unexpected costs. You should be aware of what the deal entails and if there are any added costs except for the rentals.

Using the machinery correctly will prevent any significant breakdown or depreciation from happening to the equipment. Improper use of the material is one major factor behind machinery breakdown and damage. Keeping the machine operators up-to-date with the skills and training is an effective way of maintaining rented equipment in good shape.

 Lubricate the Machine Regularly:

Construction equipment works with heavy-weight objects. As a result, the friction between the solid surfaces rubbing against each other can cause massive damage and harm to the machinery. It is where a lubricant comes in handy. It is a vital accessory for any equipment.

Lubricating the equipment regularly will act as a barrier between moving surfaces and prevent friction, heat, and erosion. It will be necessary to keep a regular check on the machinery for any lubricating needs. Operating machinery without lubrication can be very harmful to the equipment. Hence, it will also be essential to maintain a regular lubricating schedule so that it is not missed or ignored.

Going through the manufacturer’s recommended process of lubrication will help you in using the appropriate oils and grease. Different components of the machinery may have discrete lubrication requirements, which will need to be considered. The equipment manual may provide in-depth detail of all the lubrication requirements of the machinery. 

Ensuring that the right oil and grease are applied within an appropriate schedule will make sure the equipment lasts longer and doesn’t wear down soon.

 Keeping the Machine and Its Environment Clean:

It is usual for machinery to have many tiny parts and pieces that might need regular cleaning and wiping. Ensuring that the machinery stays clean and dirt-free is essential to the maintenance and proper working of the equipment.

Often, large pieces of equipment have filters that need cleaning or seals that need an inspection. Without the necessary clean-up, the equipment’s electronic system may also start getting affected. Hence, it is crucial that proper and thorough cleaning is done of all the parts of the rented machinery.

It is also essential to keep the equipment in a covered shed or some appropriate covering when it is not being used. Unnecessary exposure to wind and dust can damage and deplete the life of the machinery. If the machinery is kept unattended for long periods, it should be made sure that the machine is given an occasional run to avoid it from rusting.

Schedule Regular Maintenance Check-Ups:

Often, breakdowns are not sudden and happen on a gradual basis. The problem starts small and aggravates gradually and may end up in a major equipment breakdown.

Following a strict and regular check-up routine for the machinery will assist in identifying problems before they aggravate and become major. Preventive maintenance plans will help nip the evil in the bud. For example, power transmissions may need to be inspected for any damages, friction materials may need to be checked if a replacement is needed, and filters may need to be cleaned, etc.

Keeping track of maintenance records will also help in providing the owners of the equipment with necessary proofs in case of any significant collapses. In case maintenance is the responsibility of the owners, an occasional check-up should still be done to ensure if everything is in good condition. Any failure or wear in some small parts of the machine can be identified beforehand and informed to the owners. It will result in giving the equipment the necessary repairs on time.

Regardless of who has legal responsibility, the machinery is in your hands, and keeping a check on its proper functioning is also a good business practice as it will ensure a long-term relationship with your equipment supplier.


Renting construction equipment for your business will provide you with several benefits. However, renting does not relieve you of all the responsibilities. You will still have to keep regular checks on the condition of the equipment and ensure that timely maintenance and repairs whenever necessary.

Additionally, it will also be the responsibility of your business to ensure that the equipment is functioning correctly, and any mishandling of the rented machinery is avoided.

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