Tiger Head Consolidates Leading Position in Dry Batteries Market

Dry Batteries

The dry batteries market is rapidly evolving with the ongoing expansion of the industry. Advancement in technology, new manufacturing techniques, and people’s life trends can lead to changes in the market itself. In this industry, most of the players have a rapid expansion, followed by an equally fast fall.

On the other hand, there are few large organizations with solid foundations and consolidated market share. In this article, we will talk about Tiger Head Battery as one of the major manufactures of dry batteries in the world. We will look at the company’s history, understanding the reason behind its success.

About Tiger Head Battery

Tiger Head Battery is the leading battery enterprise in China. The group vaunts 5 different brands: “555”, “Tiger Head”, “TIHAD”, “Lighting”,” funmily” and “Wivin”. As the biggest manufacturer of dry batteries, the company offers solutions for primary batteries, rechargeable cells, solar batteries, car batteries, car jump starters, LED products, and chemical materials. Over the years, Tiger Head has been regarded by all customers worldwide as a highly reliable brand with a rich history.

Tiger Head Battery: In the Past 

The origins of Tiger Head Battery group dates back in 1928. At that time, Xinghua Battery Factory was established, becoming the predecessor of the Guangzhou Battery Factory.

The company was officially named Guangzhou Battery Factory in 1968. During that year, 49 different dry battery factories were combined into one enterprise. Both private and public joint management and investment helped the reconstruction and adjustment of the group.

In the following years, the company thrived and grew exponentially until arriving in 2000, when Tiger Head Battery group was finally created. Since then, the company has passed many different milestones, reaching today’s annual sales of over 6 billion pieces of dry batteries. Nowadays, Tiger Head is a globally known battery brand and export in over 70 countries for a total value of over 400 million U.S. dollars.

Tiger Head Battery: Reality

The secret behind Tiger Head consolidation of its market positioning and expansion lies in three main aspects: quality, technological innovation, corporate value.

Product Quality

Alkaline battery series, car batteries, solar and rechargeable batteries, all products are subjected to a strict examination and regular conformity checks. Starting from the selection of suppliers and raw materials, Tiger Head follows has rigorous standards. The enterprise advanced control system, passed the certification for ISO9001:2000 quality management. Each dry battery is tested multiple times before being exported internationally.

Technological Innovation

Tiger head has invested over 1.5 million RMB for independently developing the Real-Time Monitoring Management System via IT. The system allows to improve resources management efficiency and extensively reduce its costs. Technological innovation is the key to Tiger Head producing process. Automated product lines with automatized equipment and box packing machines make every procedure run smoothly. Furthermore, the factory utilizes a computer network, resulting in easier communication between the various production units.

Corporate Value

Tiger Head’s primal value is to provide consumers with environment-friendly batteries of high performance. The group strives to perfection producing techniques responding to the increasing demand for eco-friendly products. Tiger Head dry batteries are more sustainable due to not having mercury and other pollutant agents.

Tiger Head Battery: Future

Proudly to produce mercury-free zinc-manganese alkaline batteries, the Tiger Head’s solutions have achieved higher efficiency, low energy expenditure, and environmental sustainability.

Tiger Head‘s philosophy for the future is based on “science and technology is the primarily productive force.” The brand promotes technology implementation. Science should be instrumental for the people’s progress and planet preservation.

If you are interested in knowing more about dry batteries, we recommend paying Tiger Head a visit. 

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