Things Your Mobile Device is Now Better at Doing Than Your PC


There is little doubt that the computer has made a massive impact on our lives. It has given us better tools to communicate, educate, work, and play. However, it seems that mobile technology is slowly pulling us away from our powerful desktop and laptop computers.

Why? Well, mobile phones and tablets are essentially computers anyway. We have to remember that the first computers would fill an entire room. As technology developed, they became smaller and smaller. Laptops and netbooks are an example of how processing power has increased in strength but has also decreased in size.

They are just more convenient, mobile, and easier to use. They may still lack the raw power of a desktop computer but unless you are performing complex video/photo editing, programming, or graphic design tasks, you really do not need it.

Nowadays we have more than enough power in our smartphones and tablets to be able to do tasks that previously required a computer. The best part is that we can do them anywhere we choose.

So what should we start doing on our mobile instead of our computer?


Online banking has been around for many years now but there is no longer any need to do it using a desktop computer. Previously, you would have to open your browser, find your way to your bank’s website, and log in before you could get to your finances.

These days, however, most banks have an app that can give you access within a couple of touches on your screen. Not only are they more convenient, but they are also considered more secure. As you are using an app, you are less likely to fall victim to viruses and malware.


The mobile gaming industry has now overtaken both the console and PC gaming industries in terms of players and revenue. Only hardcore gamers are strapped to their monitors and television screens these days. The rest of us are happy with how the quality of mobile games has improved in recent years.

To have a good gaming session, there is no need to own an expensive PC or console. When you check out the graphics on some of the latest mobile games, you will see that they have come a long way from the days of Candy Crush. They are starting to look and feel like console games.

The business of iGaming is also in full swing these days with slot xo games making their way onto mobile devices.

These video slot games are streamed to mobile devices and adapt to the hardware of the mobile device giving players optimal gaming experience. Slot xo games also come with excellent multipliers and feature keeping players entertained for hours.

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When you need to purchase something online, it makes little sense to power up your PC, wait for it to load, and then go messing around with web browsers. Overkill is the word that springs to mind. A few years back we didn’t have much choice on the matter.

Thankfully, major eCommerce sites were quick to deliver handy apps that made online shopping far easier. You can be browsing products with just a single click in most cases. Plus, you do not have to be tied to your computer, you could browse in bed or on the toilet if that’s your thing.


Okay, so you will not be able to give up your computer totally in most cases for this one. A keyboard is easier to type with and a bigger screen makes life a lot easier. That is without the increased system resources meaning you can run multiple tasks at the same time.

Mobile technology is still becoming a major tool when it comes to working, however. Obviously, communication via conferencing apps, team collaboration apps, and messengers is the main one. There are tons of other apps that can help you to work on the move too.

Email clients, spreadsheets, word processors, cloud storage apps, and more are allowing us to get things done when not in the office. We could be on the train home and using that time productivity rather than dozing off.


We should be thankful to the desktop computer for everything that it has given us over the years but going forward, it’s only real use is going to be for the office. We have our compact little mobile devices that can do many of the tasks that they can, on the go, and without a fraction of the hassle.

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