Things You Have to Know When Purchasing A Desktop Storage Box

Desktop Storage Box

The desktop storage box becomes an essential tool for many people to organize their desktops for that it can well classify and store the documents and books. But there are four main points we need to consider to choose a satisfactory desktop storage box.


The first thing we need to bear in mind is the material of the desktop storage box. The material of common storage boxes mainly includes wood, metal, paper, and acrylic. Usually, the wooden storage rack is not made of solid wood but plywood. Although the appearance of the wooden storage rack is fashionable, it is not durable. When storing heavy articles, this kind of small storage rack is easy to shake and cause loose structure.

The rate of breakage of paper storage boxes will be higher, as the load-bearing capacity of the paperboard is low. Hence, only light items can be stored in a paper storage box.

Metal and acrylic storage racks will be more popular because of their durability. They are not only strong in structure but also highly practical. Even frequent use can also ensure the integrity of Metal and acrylic storage racks.


The second consideration is the structure of the desktop storage rack. The structure of the desktop storage rack is generally divided into three types: multiple columns, multilayer, and combined structure.

The desktop storage rack with multiple columns refers to the document and books placed vertically in the frame while placed horizontally in the storage rack with a multilayer. The two are just different in form, but the same in use. As for the desktop storage box with a combined structure, it is to add a small space for storing small objects, and you freely combine the forms of storage.


The size of the desktop storage rack is not the bigger, the better but suites to the size of our desktop. That is because a large storage rack will not only affect the beauty of the desktop but also cause inconvenience to our work. Generally, a standing magazine rack with four small frames for storing is the most appropriate, and it will be suitable for different specifications of tables.

In addition to the above factors, some misunderstandings of purchase deserve our attention.

1. The wooden standing rack is beautiful in shape, can it be used as the first choice?

As mentioned above, due to the cost of price, manufacturers rarely use solid wood as the primary material but plywood. Although plywood is easy to shape beautiful patterns, there are glues in plywood. Moreover, poor plywood usually releases formaldehyde and other gases that are harmful to human health. Therefore, it is better to choose metal and acrylic materials.

2. Is the desktop storage rack with more additional features better?

The additional functions of the storage box usually include a pen holder, a small storage box, etc. These functions can provide us some convenience, but we should pay more attention to the functional properties of the storage rack itself. When purchasing, you cannot blindly pursue the desktop storage box with rich functions and ignore the essence. Otherwise, it will cause a waste of space and money.

If you want to choose a practical desktop storage rack, the transparency acrylic desktop data frame of FUHUI is worth recommending. The acrylic desktop data frame is made of acrylic and plexiglass, which is durable and resistant to falling. This storage rack is too small to occupy space of the desktop, but the four small frames can store more than 10 books of different specifications.

If you have other needs about the acrylic storage boxes for cosmetics, jewelry, and business cards, FUHUI can be your best choice.

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