These Shoes are Best Picks for the Corporate Events


With the elapse of time, women have brought glory to their gender by venturing into the corporate world. Women have elevated their status by leading million-dollar multinationals and starting up billion-dollar businesses. Women have empowered their gender to a point where there is the only sky’s the limit. As a corporate female, you must attend the business events with a classy and sassy look. Make sure your dress is perfect and your accessories are pairing well. But oh wait! You almost forgot one thing. Wondering what is it? Your footwear – the most snazzy shoes! Don’t feel guilty, we all have forgotten about shoes, almost all of us have forgotten once or twice about focusing on them. But now that you remember the outfit detail you were almost going to miss, it is time to make quality amendments.

According to a study, your shoes define your personality; your nature, character, decisions can be perceived by your choice of shoes. To decide your footwear, you need to have some know-how about the dress you are going to wear in the evening. In this age, with the availability of online shopping resources, you can easily find the best women’s shoes online which matches your evening outfit. With the ease of shopping at home, you can now easily order a pair or two for your corporate events. Alternatively, you can sneak into your closet and make use of the options already available. Regardless of the option you choose, your shoes have to look appropriate for the corporate event.

Following are some shoe styles that you must consider when attending a corporate event:

1.    Peep-Toed Pumps

Have you gotten a fresh pedicure? Do you want to show it off without looking too informal? We have got your back. Try the open toe pumps that can easily transform you into a stylish diva. You will easily enjoy your event with your head high like the queen and confidence at its peak. Peep toed pumps are usually loved in the summer season as they help keep you fresh. You can also wear them in the spring and winter season as long as you can avoid getting frozen toes.

2.    Pointy Pumps

Do you think you need an extra spark in your appearance? we have the best solution for you. A shoe that has a pointed toe with heels is an excellent choice so you can determine to glow in the business event. As we have mentioned the importance of shoes, a worthy choice will make you feel proud of yourself. You can have a variety of colors and textures; it can be glossy or matt. You are a step away from becoming the stylish lady of the evening.

3.   Scarpins

We have talked about heels and points already. What If you are not the person who wears five inches heels? What will you choose to wear then? We have a go-to option for you as well, Scarpins are your thing. They are beautifully pointed with a slightly shorter heel. Heels are formal footwear, but scarpins will enable you to feel good without grinding heels. You can wear them with all kinds of dresses and share your grace with the corporate world.

4.   Round Wedged Pumps

What can be Round, yet amazingly stylish? We now have pumps for you on our list. They are most elegant among the formal footwear, and when they include wedge heels, then no one can bypass your charisma. You can wear them with a dress or formal pants. We are sure, you will ace the look!

5.   Ankle Strap Stiletto

If you are a risk-taker and appreciate bold things, we are making an offer that you would never refuse. Go for Stilettos! They are the most alluring yet intimidating shoes of all time. They evoke in you a sense of authority and make you strong.  Stiletto will go with a dress or any formal apparel. Moreover, you can find stilettos within different brands with a variety of appealing nude shades. You will love the shoes if you are a heel lover otherwise be careful while wearing them.

6.   Court Shoes

What about showing off an excellent fashion sense? Court shoes are the ultimate style statement shoes. These are available in unique shapes: round, square and almond, each one will look more splendid than another. You will never get disappointed if you decide to wear court shoes. They are adequate and easy to wear, on top goes with every kind of dress code. You can wear them at any age, without having second thoughts.

7.   Loafer Pumps

Wanna try something fancy but formal? We have an idea for you to slay your casual personality with a pinch of formality. You should try loafers pumps to add an extra class! They have an elegant appearance and they make you feel confident and bold. When you will wear them with gorgeous heels, they will prove you a style sensation in the corporate world. You are a woman who will never accept something lesser than becoming a style statement of the evening.

Things to Keep in Mind

These are the option that you should keep in your mind. Shoes represent your personality and you should pick shoes that represent your style.

There are some things you should avoid while selecting your perfect shoes for the corporate event:

  • Choose the shoes that compliment your dress and enhance your body language.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable in heels then don’t opt for heels.
  • Don’t go for patterned and bright colored shoes.
  • Don’t wear sandals in business dinners.

How to Take Care of Your Shoes

Beside buying shoes and putting them in the shoe closet, you have to take care of them. Do you know the precautions you should prevail in to manage a long-lasting shoe collection?

Following are some guidelines to take care of your shoes:

  • Keep your shoe dirt free and clean them after coming home.
  • Organize your shoe closet and don’t throw shoes randomly in the closet.
  • Avoid stepping in the mud with your expensive shoes.
  • Avoid lending your shoes to anyone, as people don’t use other people’s things with care.


These are all the suggestions we have for you to maintain a beautiful and confident persona in corporate events. If you have everything on point, however, have forgotten to put the effort into selecting your shoes, what will happen? No one will point at you or brief you on your face about your shoe malfunction, but your personality will lack confidence. So, be considerate while selecting the shoes when going to business events. Shoes depict your personality hence, select the perfect pair of shoes which enhance your personality and boost your confidence.

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