The Ultimate Web Design Checklist that you cannot ignore in 2020

web design checklist

The only way for businesses to survive in this digital world is to showcase their presence online. If you are running a startup, a professional website can help you get more clients.

However, designing a website is not that easy as it sounds. It takes careful planning and execution. The first step in designing a website is to look at the checklist and follow the list until the end.

This is how truly successful web designers make their sites. You can do the same by following an essential website design checklist that will help you to get ahead of your competition.

1. Optimize the website for speed

One thing that bothers users is website speed. If you want users to stick to your website, this is your grand chance to make a pretty good first impression.

If your website is taking more than one five seconds to load, it means that you need to work hard on decreasing the website speed.

Tools like Pingdom can help you analyze the speed of your website. Not just this, Pingdom will help you point of exactly what’s wrong on your website, making it easy for the webs developers/designers to look into the problem and solve it.

2. Landing Pages

Mostly, users will visit your website for a specific reason. If you solve their problem with a landing page that would be great. For instance, take all the essential categories of your website and make a landing page around it. You also need to create a call to action for more conversions.

When the user knows that you are only trying to help them, they will rush to you and if you give them an enjoyable experience, they might share the experience with their friends and family.

Landing pages will be targeted towards customers who are looking for specific products. For instance, if you have an eCommerce website that has a flower as a category. You can create a landing page for people who are willing to purchase flowers online and from ads, blogs you can drive all the traffic on that landing page. This will not only make the user confident; it will make them trust you.

3. Fast & Furious Customer Support

If the customer has to think even for a mere five seconds or more, it means that you need to reach them before they leave the site. A professional Web design company in New York will try to listen to you and give you the best customer experience which they might not get from the competitors.

Customer experience is something that is personal and can vary each time. Your goal as a website owner is to generate a sale by enticing the customers when they first land on your site.

No matter what you do, don’t let the customers leave without listening to them. A 24/7 customer support will help your brand in listening directly to the feedback of the customers.

When Tony  Hsieh started, for a whole four-month, he managed the twitter handle. In that period, he learned a lot about what customers expect from the brand. This is how the company became the biggest and the most respected customer-centric company on the planet. And this is the reason Amazon bought it in the first place.

4. Social Media Widgets

At times when users will feel excited after using your website, they’ll look for ways to share it with other people. If you don’t have proper social media widgets, it will be difficult for them to share your site.

Your target as a customer-centric company needs to give them as much freedom to speak as you can. Even if they are angry, give them an opportunity to share that anger on social media. But before people start pointing out fingers on you, go out there and solve the problem in front of the audience.

When other users witness how you treat the customers, this is where the actual magic will happen. People will know that you are a company that loves helping people. Do your best to become the most loved brand of people.

5. Analytics

When customers buy a product from you once, it can be luck. But when the same customer buys it three times, it is a pattern. You must analyze the pattern of the customer and make the necessary adjustments in your ad campaign.

Ensure that you understand the buyer’s intention of your customer. Once you know that, it will be easy for you to increase your sales.

You cannot ignore the analytics at any cost or any point. It would help if you analyzed, monitor every click of the user to know the intent of the customer honestly. When you do that, it becomes easy for you to plan things in the future.

6. Social Proof works like a charm

When you are just starting as a brand, it gets challenging to earn the trust of the customers.

When you let other customers see that people are already buying your product/service, they will go and try your site for sure. This is the universal item on the website, so there is no question to miss such an essential part of the website design.

Wrapping it all up

To design a website takes a lot of courage, patience, and energy. The worst happens when you ignore the checklist and design a website with some missing essential elements.

It is high time out there with a plethora of competitors running all around you. It would help if you took all actions to ensure that your competitors cannot pass you.

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