The Top 6 Possible Outcomes of Family Mediation

family meditation

Family mediation is a cost-effective way to split from your partner without having to drag out the case for months in a divorce court. You can still choose whether to have an attorney represent you or not. It all depends on how much you have to lose or gain from the split. It also depends on how well you and your partner still get along. If you’re able to have constructive conversations with your partner and come to agreements on your own, then you don’t need attorneys or mediators.

Unfortunately, the average spilt-up does not come without drama. Partners typically resent and blame each other for why their relationship fell apart. This resentment causes them to disagree with each other on almost everything. With this much tension and hostility present, the best solution is to have an independent third party to help them make better decisions that are fair to both sides.

There are at least 3 positive outcomes of a family mediation service. You can review them for yourself below.

1) Agreements Are Made

The most common outcome is that both partners come to an agreement on their future arrangements. All of the arguing, debating, and name-calling comes to an end (or at least to some extent). The mediator makes each partner realize the importance of compromise and their role in making a positive outcome for themselves and their children if any.

2) Custody of Children

If you have any worries of gaining custody of your children, you could put those worries to rest. The successful outcome of family mediation means that you obtain either partial custody or full custody of your children. It all depends on which arrangement you thought was best for them and their needs. The typical custody arrangement involves keeping your kids on weekdays and letting your ex-partner have them on weekends or vice versa. 

3) 50% of Assets Obtained

Do you want to protect your assets and the real estate properties that you own? If the family mediation service has a positive outcome, then you’ll get to keep at least 50% of those assets. After all, a normal divorce proceeding in court would likely result in assets being split 50/50. At least by going to an intermediary to resolve this issue, you don’t have to spend lots of money on lawyers and court costs just to have a judge order you to do this.

Below are at least 3 negative outcomes of a family mediation service.

4) Disagreements Unresolved

It is possible for your disagreements to go unresolved. Even the most skilled family mediator cannot guarantee a positive outcome. If both partners are too filled with venom and rage toward one another, then it would require a lot more than an intermediary to resolve those issues. It may require an actual psychologist or couple’s therapist to get involved.

5) One Partner Is Uninterested

One partner may not be interested in sticking with family mediation. They may come one time and then give up immediately because they don’t believe in the mediation process. This is the type of partner who continues to believe that you’re the problem and not them. What they fail to realize is that you are both in the same relationship together. Your problems cannot be resolved unless you both work together to resolve them. Unfortunately, some partners don’t understand that concept.

6) Court Proceedings

The worst-case scenario is that you end up in court because the family mediation service has failed. However, unresolved disagreements don’t always result in a court proceeding. Since both partners end up having to pay for attorneys and other costs, they may not want to go through the burden of doing that. Unfortunately, it grows into a bitter personal battle between the partners that may get the police or family services involved if the home environment is unsafe for children to be in.


With family mediation, you get what you put into it. Two partners who are willing to come halfway and compromise on important issues will benefit immensely from family mediation. But if one partner does not put forth that effort to compromise, then no agreements will ever be made.

Therefore, take family mediation seriously because it can work in your favor if you follow the advice of the mediator and work out agreements with your partner.

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