The Islands Movie Review: The Story of Faith, Survival, and Nature

the islands

The Island is an outstanding and one of the most inspiring movies based on a true story of a group of missionaries who came to the islands of Hawaii in 1820, The Islands chronicles a chapter of history about a group of missionaries who brought the Gospel of Christ to Hawaii.

Three missionaries—John and Mary Thornton, and Hiram Bingham—came to the islands of Hawaii to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. They were expecting a warm welcome from the natives but soon they were disappointed as they were suspiciously regarded by the native peoples, who were accustomed to the destructive, violent ways of colonization and trade.

But not all of the natives were violent to the missionaries as one native who cautiously opened her village to the missionaries: Chiefess Kapi’olani.

Before the arrival of the missionaries, the natives already had a god. Pe’ le, the goddess of the volcano. And Pe’le was a jealous deity, requiring a human sacrifice to appease her wrath and keep her destructive, molten lava at bay.

The traditions and faith can not be changed overnight and it took a huge effort from the visitors to achieve a major breakthrough.

Initially, many of the natives whom the missionaries meet believe that they’re only there to convert them and to force them to worship a god other than Pe’le. The people are hesitant to believe in a “new” God, especially Chiefess Kapi’olani. She tells the missionaries that she and her people already have many gods and do not need another.

This made the missionaries to live their lives as examples for Christ to make the natives begin to ask questions about Jesus. This opened up the ways for missionaries to share as they sing hymns, read from the Psalms, quote Scripture and live among the people.

However, it is really Chiefess Kapi’olani who wins her people over for Christ. She begins to want a god of justice and mercy, not a god of vengeance and spite. In the end, the chiefess tells her people that they may worship whomever they choose, but that she will worship and serve God. She also declares that her courage is born from the love of God, a love she searched for her entire life.


In short, this is a must-watch movie in these difficult times and this will really open up your mind and you will be able to learn more about your faith. As this movie is based on a true story, you will be able to learn more about the history of Hawaii.

Another great news is that the shooting of the sequel this wonderful movie is starting this summer. The story will be based on the betrayal of the queen and the movie is named ‘The Islands: Betrayal’. You can read more details about the sequel here.

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