The Culture and History of Cannabis


Cannabis is native to Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent. Cannabis is probably one of the earliest plants to be cultivated. Since the pre-Neolithic period, cannabis has been grown in Japan for its fibers and as a food source and possibly as a psychoactive material.

96 An archeological site on the Oki Islands near Japan contained cannabis achenes from about 8000 BC. It’s hard to tell exactly where and when the cannabis plant came from. Some believe Central Asia had its origins. Others, however, believe that the cannabis plant actually originated in China due to its extensive medical and agricultural documentation in ancient Chinese literature. Although the literature on hemp has grown rapidly over the last decade, the exact origin of the plant has yet to be established; its historical routes of dissemination remain obscure. Cannabis and CBD culture describes a social atmosphere or a series of associated social behaviors that are heavily dependent on cannabis use, particularly as an entheogenic recreational drug. Since the late 20th century, cannabis— the plant that produces hemp and hashish — has been one of the most commonly consumed psychoactive drugs in the world, trailing only common tobacco and alcohol.

According to Vera Rubin, cannabis use has been encompassed over time by two major cultural complexes: a persistent, traditional folk flow and a more minimal, contemporary structure. The former includes both religious and secular use and is usually based on small-scale cultivation: the use of the plant for cordage, clothing, medicine, food, hemp cream and general use as a sign of fellowship and euphoria. In ancient times, marijuana was used in areas such as ancient India, Romania, Egypt and Mesopotamia. It was commonly used as a medicine or for hemp, and its main ingestion route was smoking. The culture has become more global over time and a general “cannabis community” has been created. Culture has been responsible for the genre of movies known as stoner films that have become recognized as a mainstream entertainment movement.

Culture has also spawned its own celebrities (such as Tommy Chong and Terence McKenna) and magazines like (Cannabis Culture and High Times) in the United States. Historical roots of the cultural use of marijuana psychoactively. A description of the climatic growing conditions and the potency levels of psychoactive cannabis is given before continuing with further cultural uses of psychoactive cannabis to emphasize that environmental conditions play an important role in the cultural use of the cannabis plant. A summary of the different cultural uses of marijuana in areas like Asia, Africa, Brazil and Jamaica follows.

The second half of the paper then discusses the use of the cannabis plant in North America and specifically Canada’s cultural context, including an examination of the economic and political Crohn’s disease triggers digestive system inflammation. It is one of an inflammatory bowel disease class of diseases. From mouth to anus, Crohn’s can affect any area. It often affects the lower part of the ileum called the small intestine. It is unclear the cause of Crohn’s disease. It may be due to the body’s immune system having an abnormal reaction. In some cultures, it also seems to fly. This usually begins between the ages of 13 and 30. Abdominal pain and diarrhea are the most common symptoms. Some signs include weight loss fever from the rectum. A physical examination, laboratory tests, imaging scans, and colonoscopy are used to treat Crohn’s disease. Crohn’s can cause complications such as intestinal blockages, intestinal ulcers, and nutrient-related problems. Those with Crohn’s may also have issues with joint pain and hair. Children with the disease may have problems of growth. With Crohn’s, there is no treatment. Treatment may help control symptoms, including medicines, supplements to nutrition, and/or surgery. Many individuals, when free of symptoms, have long periods of remission

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