5 of the Best Ecommerce Sites You Need to See

The first time I went to build my own site, I thought that the technical side of things would be the hardest part. I genuinely believed that picking out a domain and a web host and trying to choose a content management solution (CMS) was going to be the end of me. It turns out that this was the easy part, taking me not more than two hours.

While it might seem simple, designing an effective ecommerce site is hard. You need to choose a design that has strong, intuitive navigation, will easily be mobile responsive and that just plain looks good. You can comb through thousands of themes to create your site, or hire a designer to create a custom theme for you.

But, before you get started with any of that, it’s a good idea to take a look at what is already working for other businesses. With that in mind, let’s take a look at nine of the best eCommerce sites out there. We’ve got examples from a number of diverse industries all included. They’ll give you all the ideas and inspiration you need when creating your own, in terms of both aesthetic and navigation.


Bon2TV.com is an amazing site which is also the first Shopify-based eCommerce site with Shoppable videos. These features make this website very unique. You should definitely visit this site.

The best part is you can play different videos and then tap the products within the videos to buy them. This is a completely new thing for many customers and online buyers around the world.

2. MOO

For anyone who needs new business cards, I highly recommend MOO. Unsurprisingly, it was their high-quality site that sucked me in the first time (though the high-quality cards are what kept me around).

MOO’s navigation bar isn’t quite like other brands. Instead of having multiple drop-down menus for different products, all their products fall under one option. Other drop-down menus included in the main navigation bar are an inspiration, FAQ’s and an option for “10+ employees?” This isn’t how most eCommerce sites are set up, but it allows them to list main selling points quickly.

best ecommerce website designs

Oh, and want to see something really awesome? They still have a gorgeous home page even if you already have an account—they just customize the message on the header image with an offer addressed to you.

best ecommerce designs for websites

It doesn’t matter if that offer isn’t just for you, the fact that it feels like it is can be enough and it’s special touches like this that make MOO one of the best eCommerce sites around.

3. The Cultured Cup

The Cultured Cup sells just about everything related to tea and coffee and their site is one of the best eCommerce sites in the food and beverage industry.

The home page is stunning, with a slider bar that shows beautiful header images and some announcements. There’s a clean navigation bar that takes users to different types of products quickly and underneath the header you can find information promoting their services, events, and tutorials for how to use their products.

best ecommerce site designs

One more thing that caught my attention immediately when I visited the site? They have a small pop up that is displayed immediately after a user visits the site, asking if they want to see the tea or coffee products.

The messaging of “choose your path” works well with their “Taste the Adventure” branding, and it also helps to keep users moving through the site quickly before they get bored.

4. DocuSign

A lot of businesses will be familiar with DocuSign, which allows users to sign documents electronically, or send them to others and request signatures. For those who aren’t, however, DocuSign has one of the best ecommerce sites out there and it does an excellent job of explaining the service quickly thanks to a mix of smart copywriting and an excellent layout.

best ecommerce site designs

Their header image has succinct copy that explains exactly what the product is, with a CTA that immediately encourages users to “Get Started.” In case they are confused, there’s a prompt next to this text that lets users know they can view a video that will explain the service.

Immediately under this, DocuSign explains their value by reminding users how simple they can make the process. The quick copy and simple design together work to push users through the funnel, having a CTA every step of the way so they’ll convert as soon as they’re ready.

5. Legend-Tees

Legend-Tees is a fashion ecommerce site with a beautiful home page. There’s a clean navigation bar at the top, and they use more abstract outdoor photos to advertise Sport Tees, Custom Tees, and Casual Tees. They’ve designed their site for the aesthetic and the branding instead of just promoting items outright.

In short, they’re going for the feeling.

best ecommerce website designs

Their site design also features some of their biggest selling items—including their custom tees—above the fold with a clickable image that will take users right to what they’re looking for.

The site layout is intuitive, and it’s exceptionally easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. And, underneath the fold, they promote their Tee of the month club.

best ecommerce website designs

This is still on their home page, so it will still get a lot of attention but they showcase other products first so users know they aren’t just a subscription service.

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