Tech Savvy Ideas to View Channels Not Available On Your Cable Subscription or In Your Location

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When cable TV and then satellite came out everyone could not have been happier. Finally multiple channels all dedicated to offering their viewership quality program around the clock. It has to be said that the way TV operated during this era improved our downtime in front of the TV 10-fold. However, as more competing cable and satellite companies started complete for the same market share, the industry took somewhat of a detour in terms of that quality we just mentioned. Now even with a subscription, we have look for other ways to get all the channels we want to watch.

Take for example sports channels. One minute the service provider you are using for your TV subscriptions covers the sports you love, but then when the TV rights are up for bidding once again, another company wins the rights. You now have to wait for your contract to end before you switch. This is all very well if you are single or have no kids. What happens if the new sports channel does not have Disney Plus – your children’s’ favorite channel or your partner’s beloved HBO!

You have two choices. Pay for multiple boxes in the house so everyone is happy or look for another way to get these channels just so you can get uninterrupted sports. Luckily there are loads of ways to solve the issue of Disney Plus streaming, and you can still subscribe to HBO online if you are a US citizen. If you are not a US citizen, then you will need to hope the network provider that just purchased the rights your favorite sports game also shows HBO.

Luckily today we have the internet and where there is a will there is a way to solve dilemmas such as these. The introduction of VPN software has been a great help.

What about viewing my cable and TV packages while overseas?

One of the reasons VPNs have become so useful is because they allow you to stream channels that are geo-restricted. For example, let’s say that your solution to keeping your children happy was to sign up for the online streaming version of Disney Plus. They can happily sit down with their tablet and watch all the cartoons they like while you are cheering on your sports team on the 100-inch widescreen TV.

Next, you go on holiday thinking that your family is fully equipped with iPads and Android touchpads ready to connect to the hotel internet and stream HBO and Disney. However, when you try to log on to the sites, none of them work, and Netflix is giving you an odd local version that does not have the latest films or series you are used to. The issue here is that NetFlix has a geo-location version while HBO and Disney will only allow you to log on from the country you subscribed to the package in – which is basically the USA.

 Not to worry because there is a very quick and simple fix that will solve this situation. That is VPN software. Simply log on to the VPN, select the USA as your server (even better if you can choose a server in your state) and away you go!

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