Study Reveals How Vegetarian Diet Helps to Cut Heart Attack Risk

heart attack

The benefits of a vegetarian diet have long been recognized by doctors and nutritionists as a healthier way to eat. You’re much less likely to suffer a heart attack or be diagnosed with coronary artery disease high blood pressure or high cholesterol if you eat fruits and vegetables rather than meat.

There’s a new study telling you just how much more likely you are to avoid suffering from heart disease by eating a vegetarian diet. The study which was done in the United Kingdom revealed the test subjects who followed a vegetarian diet were a full one-third less likely to ever be hospitalized or die from coronary problems.

There had been some earlier studies that suggested vegetarians got less heart disease than non-vegetarians. But researchers in those studies also looked at other lifestyle choices at the same time things like exercise, the use of tobacco, etc. In other words, vegetarianism had not been isolated in the research.

The UK study in which vegetarianism was isolated included more than 45,000 subjects. When it began about one-third of those subjects were identified as vegetarians meaning they didn’t eat meat or fish.

After factoring in ages exercise habits and other health measures the research team discovered that vegetarians enjoyed a 32 percent lower risk of developing heart disease than non-vegetarians.

The lower occurrence of hypertension and high cholesterol levels among the vegetarian group no surprise here probably accounted for the lower rates of heart disease.

Among those in the study, non-vegetarians had an average total cholesterol reading of 222 and a systolic blood pressure of 130 for vegetarians. On the other hand,  they had a total cholesterol reading of 203 and a systolic blood pressure reading of 131 according to the researchers the difference in cholesterol equates to about half of the benefit you would get by taking cholesterol medications.

These lower cholesterol readings were probably due in large part to the lack of red meat and saturated fats in the vegetarian diet. The high fiber content in fruits and vegetables also be an important factor.

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