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During a year, America’s staffing companies hire 16 million temporary and contract employees. 

Hiring & Staff Services is an elementary service of Temp Agency Los Angeles. Around three million temporary and contract employees work for America’s staffing companies during an average week. Moreover, our responsiveness and flexibility allow us to accommodate your needs and time frame.  

The sector of workplace, training, and workforce strategies makes a critical contribution to the U.S. economy and provides excellent employment and career prospects to 16 million workers each year.

  • Most staffing employees (73%) work full time, comparable to the overall workforce (74%).
  • Six in 10 staffing employees (64%) work in the industry to fill in the gap between jobs or to help them land a job.
  • One in five (20%) cite schedule flexibility as a reason for choosing temporary/contract work.

What to Expect as a Staffing Employee:

Types of Work

Office Clerical and Administrative: Secretaries, general office clerks, receptionists, administrative assistants, word processing and data entry operators, cashiers, etc.

Industrial: Food handlers, cleaners, assemblers, drivers, tradesmen, machine operators, maintenance workers, etc.

Engineering: Information Technology, and Scientific Engineers, scientists, laboratory technicians, architects, draftsmen, technical writers and illustrators, and computer programmers and designers, etc.

Health Care: Physicians, dentists, nurses, hygienists, medical technicians, therapists, home health aides, custodial care workers, etc.

Professional Managerial: Accountants, bookkeepers, attorneys, paralegals, middle and senior managers, advertising and marketing executives, etc.

Many staffing agencies specialize in one or several skill sectors.  Three-way to build your career as Staffing & Hiring recruiter.

1. Focus on candidate relationships

Winning new business starts with your candidate relationships.  They will compliment your current marketing initiatives and eventually act as your champions in the field. You can’t pay money for this type of marketing. Its value with a voice – their voice – and it matters.

One of a firm’s best – but frequently overlooked – opportunities is to do comprehensive partnership evaluations from top to bottom, not just the “account.”, not just the “account.” Taking the initiative here will set any firm apart from those who continue to operate based on antiquated processes because that’s the “way they’ve always done it.”

2. Make technology work for you

Today technology has changed the business landscape with the idea of “no return. “Today’s client is savvier than ever. They take time to research, investigate, communicate and make educated decisions based on the intel they gather It is no longer appropriate for an organization to expect the customer or nominee to try them out based on a couple of sales slicks or blog posts. Having a great website will help but you must give it legs. It has to have strong call-to-actions in the most simplistic format.

In most cases, this means the same content delivered across a minimum of three to five platforms. You have to cut through the noise and deliver a solid, meaningful experience for your clients and candidates. Gone are the days of two to three-page applications. On their website, it’s fast hit knowledge that keeps your market moving toward you, not your firm competition for staffing.

3. Identify connections

I am a big proponent of using heat mapping concepts to assess overlaps where clients and candidates connect. This approach also provides insight into differences based on existing sales and recruitment strategies if performed correctly.  You can ghost in several overlays of information that will tell an exciting story and reveal amazing opportunities for new client development or gaining stronger leverage in relationships.

A great blog that upholds an interactive community is another good way to engage and help educate the end-user of staffing and recruitment services. The use of heat mapping strategies (mentioned above) that also help to highlight the role of a firm over another in terms of the candidate pool, market share, and overall footprint. Assignments are made depending on the ratio of candidates to jobs, and the skills and experience of available employees. Most staffing agencies cannot guarantee your work schedule or that you’ll always get an assignment in your field. 

However, they can help job seekers get noticed by the right people at companies that are hiring. Please be sure to ask for a reasonable evaluation of what to expect when you approach an organization about potential jobs.

4. Pay and Benefits

As with any work, salaries for workers depend on expertise, position, and experience. A paralegal with two years of experience in St. Louis is unlikely to command as high a salary as someone with 10 years of experience in New York City. However, staffing firms offer competitive wages and benefits to attract the best talent – some staffing employees make more than their permanent counterparts.

Staffing agencies offer a wide variety of benefits. Be sure to ask about what benefits are offered when you interview with a staffing agency.

5. Other Expectations

Temporary and contract employees need to be punctual, reliable, and courteous, you’re meeting a lot of new people and making a lot of first impressions. You have to come into a work environment and hit the ground running. It can be challenging to get up-to-speed quickly on unfamiliar material, work styles, and office procedures, but you will learn a lot from these experiences.

Staffing and Recruiting made Easy

Temp Agency Los Angeles helps you put the right person in the right job at the right time. We provide products and services that are relevant and cost-effective to help build a high-quality workforce and sustain high-performance organizations. We’ll help attract talent to you and guide you at any level through your staffing needs.

Temp Agency Los Angeles has years of proven experience in delivering cost-effective solutions that allow our clients to hire, assess, and retain a talented and empowered workforce. We offer a comprehensive array of staff acquisition products and services. 

Although we deliver an integrated recruiting strategy, you have full flexibility in simply choosing the single product offerings that match your unique needs. Our consultants will meet you to determine your exact needs, so we can tailor our services to you.  

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