Softphone – The Ideal Way to Reap High Productivity


No matter what type of business you own, you need to ensure that you’re making most of your hired resources, be it technology or manpower. Having high productivity from the resources deployed at your end ensures that you’re getting maximum ROI. Businesses, who fail to achieve that, are likely to fall to the ground sooner or later. 

If you’re struggling hard to find a way to enjoy high productivity, you should consider softphones as a business phone system

A softphone is a type of software program that allows an end-user to communicate, in all possible ways, using an internet connection without putting forward the need of having dedicated hardware just as in the case of PSTN-based telephony. In the case of PSTN-based telephony, you can only initiate communication if you have a dedicated landline phone. 

This is not the case with the softphone.

You can install the supportive software on any of the data-driven devices like PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone and can start communicating. The best part is that it can do more than making/receiving calls. In short, it supports unified communication. You can also video call the other person, send SMS and even arrange a conference meeting. 

In some software applications, the softphone appears as a handset image that has a dedicated panel and buttons. Using this panel, an end-user can interact. 

A softphone is available as an app and download or web-based versions. You can ask the one which works well in your case. But, seeing the current scenario, the app-based software is ruling over the hearts of the customers as it gives them great mobility and flexibility. 

What all you need to start with a softphone?

Softphones have come into view as a blessing for businesses that always want to stay connected with the team/customer. Another major reason behind its high popularity is its ease of operation. Unlike PSTN-based telephony that demands tedious and daunting set-up, it can be at your service in a blink of an eye. The basic key requirement to establish a softphone as your primary business phone system, you need:

  • A modern data-driven device with a microphone and speaker, or with a headset, or with a USB phone.
  • Reliable high-speed Internet connectivity. Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) works well here. 
  • An Internet telephony / IP PBX service provider.

How can a softphone improve your team’s productivity? 

Using softphones is the easiest way to improve your team’s productivity without much brainstorming. It penetrates your system and changes the way things used to happen in a very swift manner. Here is how it happens. 

Better data availability

Your usual day at work with o PSTN-based telephony is like opening the data stored on desktop and picking up the phone receiver to pass on the data to the customers. This is not only tedious but time-consuming as well. Sometimes passing/utilizing data manually loses its validity as well. 

But, all of these goof-ups can be avoided by using softphones as it brings data and communication at a centralized place. You can download the softphone software on the same PC and gain direct access to your database. With just a drag-and-drop, you can directly pass on the details to the customers/team members using the SMS or emails.

If you’re using a cloud-based VoIP phone system for your softphone then you can easily maintain the data integrity regardless of the device/location. It saves data at a centralized place and allows end-users to have unified and hassle-free access. This quickens your operations without making any compromise on your data integrity. 

Around the clock availability 

As we have already mentioned that you can download the softphone app on your mobile, it improves your availability. Sometimes moving an inch away from your desk hinders your productivity. This is more when you’re using a landline phone as a key business phone system. The softphone can be downloaded on your mobile phone as it gives you around-the-clock availability. 

Using an app-based softphone, you can get access to business data with a tap, attend important calls while you are going out, and even create feature-rich reports all with a single swipe. 

The best part is leading VoIP service providers are offering softphone apps compatible with all the leading OS. Whether it’s iOS or Android, you will have an app for it. It further ensures that not a single employee missed the chance to stay in touch just because of not having the right phone. Office work was never as easy as it is with a softphone. 

The Final Word

For a business to reach the success key, having a great team’s productivity is crucial. Using softphones is an ideal way to ensure that without spending much time and effort on making strategies to achieve this.  By giving you immediate and uncompromised access to business data, it allows your employees to work from anywhere with equal credibility. So, get a cloud-based VoIP phone system, deploy a softphone at your service, and relish over excellent team productivity. 

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