Seven Reasons to Own a New Mountain Bike in 2020

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As we know that doing exercise daily is good for our health and we are being reminded of the advantages constantly that come with it. There are a lot of things that you may consider for the perfect ride. About simplify the things, there are some of the important factors that we need to measure while we own a new mountain bike which includes the fit, the build and the style of the bike. So if you are looking to buy a mountain bike, you need to realize that trusty-rust in your backyard or the garage is not the best fit now since there are mountain bikes that may interest or you may want to know where to begin with. Although bikes can be made from different materials, two mostly used materials are carbon fibre and aluminium alloy. The price, weight and durability of the mountain bike are impacted by the material they are constructed with. Carbon fibre comes at a high price in mountain bikes but is also measured as a popular lightweight alternative.

1. Improve your health

Exercise regularly is also seen to increase your fitness. Bike accessories bring nutrition, identification and hydration to your body, which includes tire pump, shock pump, spare tubes, chain lube and much more. The good news for the people who love to do cycling is that British Medical Association studied over 10,000 individuals and find out that riding a bike lessened the risk of heart disease in people if they ride it for at least 20 miles a week. People make large muscle groups that require oxygen and means that it is a great workout for the heart to cycle at least once in a day. Cycling can increase your health as well as can make you look fit.

2. Low impact

Mountain biking and cycling is a low impact activity which means that there is less stress that needs to be put on bones and joints as compared to activities such as running. Cycle a mountain bike means to sit with a pressure on your joints, but it decreases the risk of injuring them. Owning a mountain bike can give you lots of benefit such as it can enhance the power in your brain as well as reduce stress and improve your mood throughout the day.

3. Improved mood and reduced stress

Mountain bike stimulates the body with vigorous demands so that it can easily release natural endorphins. By releasing natural endorphins, your body will feel good and will get you more energy. Exercise boosts serotonin which is measured as a vital transmitter in the brain and helps prevent anxiety and depression. Riding a mountain bike can also increase your happiness and reduce stress. To ride a mountain bike on a challenging track, you need to focus on the track to become a form of mediation that might help you relax but never gives you a distraction from your track. You would be able to gain new skills which improve your mountain bike abilities as well as assist you in building your self-esteem and confidence.

4. Improved coordination and balance

Owning a mountain bike requires you to adjust terrain, elevation and pitch and is also measured as a dynamic activity. Staying secure and steady on a mountain bike not only keeps you from crashing but reinforces muscle memory and strengthens your pathways that you would like to experience while riding your mountain bike.

5. Wheel size

While owning a mountain bike in 2020, you would be selecting what wheel size you want 26, 27 or 29 inches. At some time, you would need a standard 26-inch wheel, but as you find large wheel sizes, you will become satisfied as mountain bike always require large wheels as compared to small or medium-size wheels. Wheel size matters a lot if you want to own a mountain bike because it permits you to roll over obstacles easily on the trail. If you experience 29-inch wheels in a mountain bike, you will handle it better because it will have a bigger terrain although they are quite hard to handle.

6. Accessories

It is feasible to just hop on the mountain bike you own and ride in the clothes you usually wear daily. There are couples of mountain bike accessories that will make your ride more fun and comfortable. Owning a new mountain bike means to address your backside, getting liner shorts and a pair of proper shorts so you can ride it easily without any hassle. You need to focus on the areas you will ride a mountain bike which can help you avoid common areas of discomfort or pain.

7. Fit

Last but not least, a mountain bike looks good only if it fits your needs and according to your desire. Sizing in the mountain bike is simple; you need to check which size fits you, i.e. large, medium and small. Owning a mountain bike can give you an idea that flat-footed does not work but is considered as a traditional method of standing over the floor. You need to focus on the low standover height so that you can handle a mountain bike according to your height. You also need to check out size charts to get an idea about it. If your bike is small in size, your feet might not reach to the floor and will allow you to control whip around your bike.

Final Word

 In conclusion, you may select a mountain bike which you like to own, but there are different options once you choose a bike. You should look for specific components such as handlebars, brakes, shifters and gears that make your bike work well when you ride it on mountains. If you buy an expensive kit for the components that are light but more durable, you will be able to maintain your mountain bike and can get what your bike needs regularly. Suspension and the frame materials are two of the factors that show an impact on the prices of the bikes. Suspension factor is measured only when you purchase a mountain bike. The full suspension makes it a bit hard for you to climb uphill, so you need to focus on frame material which is made from different materials.

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