The Role of Whey Protein Supplements for General Health and Fitness


It is a common perception that fitness is only linked to body physique, but it also refers to a person’s mental state. It is a universal truth that if a person is physically active and fit but he is also mentally stable then he can perform and do day to day actives optimally. The human body and mind fitness is based on what a person does for being and what a person eats being fit.

Importance of Protein Supplements for Fitness

A fit body can help you to achieve immediate and long term benefits.  A fit body required a balance of nutrition and physical exercise to achieve its optimum level. Physical exercise helps you to improve your held and reduce risk of disease where and nutrition and protein make you able to do exercise and build your stamina and leans your muscle.

Some people prefer milk on protein supplement and assume as Milk as a complete supplement which is not the correct reason is that, Milk contains two protein casein and whey. The whey protein is considered as a complete protein and casein protein is related to bundling body fat which is not useful for the lean body and building up muscles.

The benefit of Protein Supplements

Following are the major benefit of Protein Supplements:-

1. Helping for weight loss

A recent study show that best protein supplements helps you lose body fat and maintain lean muscles. Protein supplements also speed up metabolism, so the digestive system works properly which ultimately helps the human body to burn fat.

2. Anti-cancer properties

Promising results shown in protein supplements boost up body’s immune system. When the immune system gets strength it can fight with cancer. Research also found that protein is also helping in cancer treatment. However, more research is needed.

3. Lower cholesterol

A study published in the famous health journal   “British Journal of Nutrition” 70 overweight and   12 women were treated with protein supplement for 12 weeks and slightly their height cholesterol dip down with the passage of time.

4. Controlling Asthma

A study involving 11 children published in the international “Journal of Food Science and Nutrition” children asthma control when then doctors give then 10 gram protein supplement twice for a month

5. Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular Disease

Research published in the “International Dairy Journal”  found that heart disease and stroke risk can be reduced with use of protein supplements and protein supplements are also works for hypertension patients to reduce their blood pressure.

6. Reducing weight loss in People with HIV

Research published in “Clinical and Investigative MedicineJournal” explain using of protein may help to gain wait and rebuild body muscle of HIV positive patients

7. Recover Damaged Muscles

During the exercising muscle protein is degraded and the muscle becomes weak and exhausted in this condition protein supplement helps it to regain strength and research suggests that using 0.02 -0.04 grams of protein per kilogram of weight is right ration for strength muscles after exercise.

It goes for protein as well, because during gym or exercising muscle protein gets degraded. Which means you need extra protein to repair and build your muscles. Nearly all researchers say between 0.2–0.4 grams of protein per kilogram of weight is a good way to go.

Right Time to Use Protein Supplements

It is good to consume protein after exercise and physical activity which can exhaust your body muscle. Researchers suggest that 0.02 – 0.04-gram protein supplements per Kilogram is a good ratio to build muscles and construction and destruction of body tissues will be recovered with the use of proteome supplements.

As per body trainer and sports, coaches protein is mandatory for a workout because during the exercise human body muscles stressed and strain and resultantly they have broken down the fiber. So in this condition protein synthesis is required to recover and build the muscle fibers.

Best Protein Supplement have following two major qualities.

The Protein type based on human body individually dietary but are key qualities which play major rule do declare it best supplement   

1. Low Calories

If you are looking for protein supplements as a meal replacement you must check that protein supplements should contain less than 200 or more calories per serving. The calories have directly linked with fat and weight gaining if a supplement has more calories than your body can get unwanted fat.

2. High Protein

Protein supplement should contain high protein severing in a single scope for example Company a offers 24 gram in 28 gram serving and Company B offering 25 gram protein in 35 gram serving then as per general mathematical ratio formula you should choose company A protein supplement due to high ratio of protein In per severing.


We can conclude that protein suppliant are main essential for building up body and it’s equally important for body internal organ, blood and skin, etc. nutrients and protein supplements help us to maintain our body biology function smooth without them we cannot keep it in a healthy state.

Protein supplement helpful for bundling all parts of the body including muscle bone, blood and teeth and they also producing energy (heat and power).

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