6 Reasons To Use Window Blinds Over Curtains


Wondering about changing your interior next month? Well, what’s better than starting with your window coverings? If you are mesmerized with your broad windows and the beautiful view of the sea or the city, then it’s time to enhance this natural beauty with an amazing product specifically designed to elevate the elegance of your space.

Your window coverings can bring a huge difference to the overall look of your home. Curtains have been prehistoric pieces for your homes. People are now considering blinds over curtains for many good reasons. Curtains are being used for ages and are now abundantly available in various styles and colors.

You may have heard people saying that the blinds are not for your homes but are for offices and other working places. Well, not everyone agrees with that. Blinds have now come a long way and, so their designs in the market. Blinds in Sydney are exceptionally purchased for almost every house of the state and official buildings as well. They are now evolving with the trends and innovations in their designs are entertaining every demand of national and international markets. It won’t be wrong saying that blinds are the alternate of the curtains and are more reliable.

For fresh air and good daylight, blinds are the best and dependable choice for your window coverings. A blind is commonly made up of several slats, which can be either horizontal or vertical. It has made its way to your home due to its elegance and class.

Stay tuned for more unavoidable reasons to consider using blinds over curtains.


Nobody wants to waste money on something that has a less expensive alternative to provide you with the same level of comfort. Blinds are easy to take care of and can easily be wiped with a damp cloth, while curtains can get tough on you. Curtains need to be taken off and sent to the dry cleaning process, which is pretty expensive.

Blinds are usually stain-resistant, while curtains are made up of cotton fabric that is more likely to be stained. This is one of the principal reasons why blinds are used over curtains.


Blinds provide you the complete advantage to control or adjust the perfect amount of light you need in your room. By tilting the slats of the blind you can easily adjust the light coming in your space. But when it comes to curtains, the situation is not the same. Curtains are made up of thick fabric which leads to a lot of light in your room or no light at all. Curtains can also limit ventilation while blinds can let the air pass through, and block the light.


You can put on a blind all by yourself as they are handy and versatile. Blinds are easy-to-go with material and are available in several different colors and patterns. They are easy to use. To open or to close a blind, all you need to do is pull of a cord and it is done. It is durable too, so you can go with the same blinds for years without the need for placing new ones. Treat them with care, and they’ll serve you for years. They are more reliable than any other window coverings. 

Curtains are not so durable nor versatile. They can look boring after two months’ duration. They require a great deal of attention because of the amount of dust they hold onto them.


Blinds offer free space to your room. They give a minimalist look and don’t demand any additional space or make you feel crowded. They facilitate in fixing your room and seem more spacious and bigger. Blinds don’t make your home look cluttered or fussy. Whereas, curtains require much space to adjust their extra fabric. They also hide the whole view away rather than just filtering the excess light.  Curtains give the impression of smaller room space.


Want to go with something less costly? Feel free to choose blinds over curtains then. Installing a window blind can save you a lot of money while curtains can cost you a bit more cash. Curtains are available in different designs that can cost you more while blinds are simple and cost-effective.


Blinds have a great variety to provide you with. It has many versatile and unique colors, prints, and textures. It is made up of different materials like wood, metal, and timber, etc. blinds can easily run with whatever your interior style is. The flawless and elegant designs and prints allow you to create a perfect expression for your room.


For the creative and refined look for your window coverings, blinds should be the best and first pick. It is durable, versatile, and also cost-effective. It provides you the complete control of light and air entering your room. Moreover, it is reliable and has a huge amount of variety of colors and designs for you. With all the necessary information about blinds, you are all set to buy your new window covers and amaze the guests with your choice.

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