10 Reasons to Study History


The humanities, sometimes associated with a work future linked almost exclusively to teaching, are reaching greater importance in recent years, motivated by their essential role in the context of the scientific and technical progress that we are experiencing thanks to technology and technology. digital transformation: the human factor is key for its creative and problem-solving capacity, so there are places of great weight in which people can never be replaced by robots. In addition, disciplines such as philosophy, art, literature, geography or history provide the human being with fundamental tools to get to know himself better.

In the specific case of geography and history, it sometimes happens that when it focuses on contents far removed in time and space, whose consequences or relationships with our present are not so obvious, its usefulness is questioned. That is why if you are considering the possibility of studying a Degree in History, we give you ten reasons for you to take the step.

Makes travel like never before and allows you to devote yourself to Tourism

Thanks to history, you will know what you will find in interesting places you visit on your trips, and it will allow you to have a much deeper knowledge of the culture of those sites. If, in addition, you have deep knowledge about a specific place, about its anecdotes and curiosities, about its art, its architectural styles or its artists, you can try to find work in the tourism sector as a guide.

It has many professional opportunities

History students have a wide variety of knowledge, so they can work in all types of companies, from the aforementioned tourism or education sector to natural resource extraction industries, environmental agencies and even government institutions responsible for the protection of resources and prevention of natural disasters. You can also work in museums, archives, libraries, documentation centers, press or media, in excavations and archaeological studies, in historical research or in management of historical and cultural heritage. Today, an online history master’s degree can offer you a brilliant program that you can take remotely not just to gain knowledge, but also to earn credentials. Discover the career options that a history degree offers.

It gives you more knowledge of your immediate surroundings

Geography and history allow you to understand better where you live. For example, populations are installed in specific places due to the landscape. What is the history of where you live? How has geography affected you? These are questions you should ask yourself to have a greater knowledge of the world around you.

It can be an excellent bridge to a wide variety of topics

One of the fantastic things about history is that they combine perfectly with many different themes. It’s like learning a little about everything: physics, biology, economics, sociology, politics, art, political science or chemistry. If knowledge is your thing and you don’t want to limit yourself to a single area, you can solve it by studying history.

Strengthen your sense of direction

It could be argued that in the era of smartphones, it is not really necessary to have a good sense of direction. It may be true, but in addition to the fact that technology may fail at some point, it is thanks to the study of history that such uses have been developed. What is clear is that, if you know this discipline, you can be sure that you will know how to orient yourself better than your phone. And if you get lost, you won’t have to worry about running out of battery.

It allows learning to think and helps to make better decisions

As history is studied, you can see the patterns that are repeated over and over again. By analyzing these patterns, we can ask ourselves questions and draw conclusions, as well as judge the decisions that others made in the past and that, in many cases, affected thousands or millions of people, and apply it to situations of the present.

It is a source of inspiration

The story is full of ordinary people who did amazing things. These historical figures can inspire us, helping us think big, set goals or fight to do something different.

They are a source of knowledge and knowledge will make you free

The goal of studying history is not the mere accumulation of data that will make us great trivial players. It is useless to know much if it is not accompanied by a critical spirit that allows you to have and defend your own opinions about historical events and processes with arguments. Only in that case will the Socratic maxim come true and knowledge will make you be free.

History is important

History needs to be taught because, in the past, there was a lot of interesting and instructive. The fact that it is not interesting to teach history is the fault of the historians themselves, and they present information very dryly. But they serve it dry because they themselves do not understand the science that they study and which they often teach at schools and institutes. If a person is professional in his field, if he is interested in the industry in which he works, he will always be able to tell a lot of interesting things about his activities. If a person himself understands little, he himself is not interested in what he is doing, and he will not be able to tell anything interesting to his interlocutor. Despite the fact that modern historical science has the ability to explore the truth, a lot of information is hushed up; information is distorted due to the fact that it does not comply with state policy.


From history, we can take a lot of experience that can come in handy in life. It seems to modern man that he is very smart, and ancient people were very narrow-minded. If a modern person is sent to the past, the opposite will turn out to be. All our experience, knowledge will be useless. Even if we know the recipe for gunpowder, we won’t know how to make the ingredients for it. To grow wheat or agricultural plants, you need to know when to sow them, how to look after them, how to store products, and how to cook food from them. All this knowledge was passed down from generation to generation, if a book were written on this knowledge, many volumes would be published, and people would transmit all the information verbally and would know it in memory.


We must study history so that the knowledge that people have accumulated throughout life, over generations, over millennia can be used by modern people; historical experience can be of practical importance in simple life situations. You need to study the past of mankind and be ready to apply knowledge in your life.

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