Ranking The Best Apps For Vaporizers


Vaporizers are taking the world by storm.

Originally, vaporizers were rudimentary in design and acted only as an expensive cigarette. Today, however, vape companies spend hundreds of thousands of developing innovative technology to win greater market share.

The biggest innovation of the last two years is Bluetooth connectivity. Apps downloaded for either Android or iOS allow modern vaporizers to be controlled via smartphone and greatly expand functionality.

I purchased the three best reviewed dry herbs vaporizers on review sites such as Green Society and road-tested their smartphone apps. The best-received apps were the Crafty, Davinci IQ and Pax 3.

Let’s find out which device has the best smartphone app!

Pax 3

Despite being the most expensive vaporizer of the three, Pax 3 is the most popular herb vaporizer in both the US and Europe.

Aesthetically, the Pax 3 is easily the best of the three devices; it looks like something out of Apple’s HQ in Cupertino. Its body is wrapped in a single sheet of matte, adonized aluminum.

Also, there are no protruding parts. Instead, the magnetic charging port and mouthpiece are flush to the body and the singular button is hidden at the top of the device. It looks like a vape from the future.

Is the Pax 3 App any good?

Out of the box, the Pax 3 only has four preset temperatures which is quite disappointing. However, the vape is brought to life when you connect it to your smartphone!

Once connected to your phone, you’ll have the ability to set any temperature you desire. However, what makes the app unique is its vaping modes.

The app allows you to choose how you vape. You have the choice between:

  • Efficiency – get the most mileage out of your vaping sessions
  • Stealth – Dims the LED and minimizes vapor
  • Boost – Great for creating extra clouds
  • Flavour – perfect for those of us who are connoisseurs 

Vaping modes adds a level of customizability to the Pax 3 that is not matched in any other vaporizer

App Score: 8/10

Davinci IQ

Like its namesake, the Davinci IQ is smart and is perfect for the renaissance vaper.

The device is full of innovative technology. One of these is a zirconium steel flavor chamber that sits between the oven and the mouthpiece. It works to lengthen the air path. In turn, this cools your vapor and helps it taste better.

Also, the specially designed ‘pearl’ inside the oven evenly distributes heat and ensures maximum extraction.

Is the Davinci IQ App any good?

Out of the three vaporizers, the Davinci IQ easily has the best mobile phone app.

It shares similar features as most apps such as temperature control and vibration alert. However, what sets it apart is it the ‘Smart Paths’ mode.

Smart Path mode allows the users to set the vaporizer to automatically increase the intensity of the vapor at specific times

This app defines bespoke vaping; the variations of smart paths are endless. You and your friend could both have the Davinci IQ, use it extensively and never have the same session.

App Score: 10/10


The Crafty comes from German vaping house, Storz & Bickel. S&B has a hard-earned reputation for designing vaporizers that deliver the hardest hitting vaping experiences. Their latest device, the Crafty does not disappoint.

Most vaporizers utilize either conduction or convection heating. The Crafty stands out from the crowd by implementing hybrid heating technology. Hybrid heating employs the benefits of both conduction and convection heating and negates the disadvantages.

In terms of vapor production, no other vaporizer come close.

Is the Crafty app any good?

To be honest, the app is quite disappointing. The only feature it adds to the crafty is the ability to change temperature.

More attention was spent on the vaporizer’s performance rather than the smartphone technology. I imagine for those who just want to vape, this would not be a problem.

App Score: 5/10

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