PVC Flooring Line: The Newest Flooring Technology You Must Know

The floor is the most important element of your house. Its aesthetics is the direct representation of the attraction of your home. The flooring material should be stylish, durable, and economical. The best solution is the new flooring technology. Short for Polyvinyl Chloride is a very economical and versatile material used in construction, health care, electronics, automobile, and many other areas. One such application is in the flooring line of buildings. The PVC flooring line is used to make the home, school, supermarket, office, hospital, etc.

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The question is why PVC is the better option for the production of the Flooring line? It is used because of its durability and resistance to moisture and abrasion. PVC requires no frequent painting and cleaning it is very easy. The material doesn’t rust as compared to other construction materials. Furthermore, the PVC flooring line is impermeable, skid-proof, and inflaming retarding. All these properties make it the number choice for construction applications, especially flooring lines. 

The production process of the PVC flooring line will be discussed in detail in this article. The raw material required for the manufacturing includes PVC powder and calcium carbonate. The raw material is mixed in the 1:3 ratio, 1 unit PVC for three calcium carbon units. The operation conditions for the production of the PVC flooring line are 380V/3 phases/50Hz, DC24V. The equipment used in the output are Extruder, T-die, Calendar, Traction machine, Cutting machine, automatic flipping, and Stacker system. Now the steps of production of PVC flooring line will be discussed. The overall process is divided into four main phases, which are as follow:

1. Mix

The raw material is mixed in the correct ratio, with the aid of mixers (Roll mixing mills) or a high-speed heating mixture. The mixing of raw material should be carried out with precision to get a uniform mixture with desired color, hardness, sheen, and flexibility. The raw material is mixed and spread uniformly into a thin layer by a rolling process. The air and heat then convert the mix into touch and strong sheets. In this process, Boyu’s PVC flooring line can save more raw material as the raw material can be properly recycled and used.

2. Extrusion 

The other process after the mixing of the mixture is the Extrusion process. The primary meaning of extrusion is to press out or force. In this process, the sheets are forced into fixed cross-sectional profiles. The extrusion is carried out by pushing it through a T-die of the desired cross-section. Two extruders and two smoothing calendars are used. 

3. Coating

Then the extruded pieces of PVC flooring line are coated with paint and chemicals to make them moisture resistant and make them beautiful. The pieces are applied with decorative film and other protective layers. The process of coating makes the product easy to clean and care. 

4. Cutting + slotting + packaging 

Then the final process includes the final cutting, slotting, and packaging steps. The coated pieces are cut into desired size and shape. Then the final cut shapes are packed, and then they are transported off to the site. 

The production of PVC flooring line is a very delicate process, and conditions should be controlled to get the flooring line with desired properties. The high-quality PVC flooring line can offer many benefits to the users. Some of them will be discussed in the section below: 

5. High yield 

PVC Flooring line offers a high yield. The process produces a high amount of PVC flooring line, with the least amount of wastage. 

6. Low consumption

The PVC flooring line is very efficient, and the process is very low consumption. The process saves a large amount of raw material, making the process very energy conservational. 

7. Easy to operate

The flooring line is straightforward to install, and it requires no skilled labor. The installing process takes significantly less time. Furthermore, the product requires very little maintenance and cleaning. The PVC flooring line can be easily cleaned. 

8. Aesthetic of the product 

The product is very attractive and beautiful. It can enhance the look of your floor. The beautiful color and texture of the product make it the right substitute for the traditional material of flooring line, such as wood, concrete.

The above-mentioned benefits are enough to justify the wide applications of PVC Vinyl flooring. If you still haven’t bought this new flooring technology. Then you better contact us now. Boyu is the most trusted PVC machine manufacturer of PVC flooring lines. Boyu has got the CE/UL certification and patents. The advance control mode of Boyu’s PVC flooring line is equipped with both PLC programed and touch screen man-machine interface.

In that respect, Boyu has rich experience in project planning. The PVC flooring machine of Boyu is more stable and has lower failure rate along with high capacity. So, what else you can expect from a PVC flooring line. Boyu offers the most flawless services to our customers, and it has got the solution for your every problem. 

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