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Hard seltzers first introduced a long time ago when they were easily available on store shelves. There’s no doubt that the seltzers like Raspberry White Claw are having a moment in popularity. These spiky seltzers have hit the sky in popularity in a very short period of time. Canned alcoholic seltzer sales raised in 2019, and there are no doubts that most brands are providing these beverages with lower in sugar and calories because people are conscious about their fitness and physique, gluten-free, convenient, refreshing, and also available in a wide range of flavors to hit a wide range of customers. These refreshing and lightly boozy beverages satisfy our thirst in the backyard of our homes or by the pool all summer long.

But, the competition is not finished here, they are a lot more than just a warm-weather drink. The beverages are ranging from 80 to 120 calories a pop, they’re a lighter option for health-conscious people. Plus, with steamy and sultry flavors like pineapple and coconut, no matter where you are, one sip of the drink will transport you straight to the beach, whether or not you can get there.

These beverages are for all the occasion, it is important that you pick the best brand of hard seltzer on the market for your occasion. From small research to find out the tastiest and most refreshing flavor they open 50 cans of alcoholic seltzer. Here’ are the results, everyone knew which flavor they were drinking on (i.e. grapefruit, lemon-lime, berry), but the name of some specific brands were kept a secret. Tasters remarked on the flavor, bubbles, and overall experience of each drink, after that they had to choose a favorite from each category. But first, all the Truly Spiked & Sparkling, White Claw, Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer, Smirnoff Sparkling Seltzer, and Henry’s Hard Sparkling Water were hidden in the fridge for a few hours because cold beverage gives you the best taste.

Here is the list of best beverages choose according to your taste.

1. Blood Orange Chili Premium Hard Seltzer

As it is mentioned in the name this is for spice lovers. If you’re a fan of a spicy marg, this can is for you. Analysts loved the tongue-tickling chili that builds with every sip and the fresh orange flavor. This combination of orange and chili makes the drink more exciting.

2. Natural Lime Hard Seltzer

The natural taste of every drink is always remarkable. When you sipping this tart only one word comes to mind that is refreshing drink: classic. To make it more bearable the sourness of lime White Claw does add a bit of cane sugar to its seltzers, so it’s a splash sweeter than the other limes you’ll find out there.

3. Strawberry & Guava Hard Seltzer

This drink is for all wine lovers. This drink is actually made with wine as a base, to gets some extra fruitiness they add guava, guava is a sweet tropical crop, to make it a little sweeter.

4. Lime Lemongrass Premium Hard Seltzer

Everyone loves the taste of lemon soda, this is for all the lemon soda lovers. When you sipped a chilled drink, this drink tastes like your favorite lemon-lime soda, this drink is without the added sugar. It has a slightly herbaceous flavor and the smell of fresh lime zest.

5. Blueberry & Acai Hard Seltzer

This drink is a combination of blueberry and acai hard seltzer. This beverage boasts and claims a real refreshing (sweet!) berry flavor.

6. Spiked Seltzer Grapefruit

For all the fans of La Croix’s Pamplemousse, it only makes sense that people love the boozy take on the flavor as well, especially when it’s this nice and light and pleasant combination of spiked seltzer grapefruit. The taste of this drink is a little bit bitter because of grapefruits.

7. Ruby Grapefruit Hard Seltzer

This drink is for those who dislike grapefruit’s bitter bite taste, this option has a bit of cane sugar to help smooth everything out and taste a little sweeter.

8. Spiked Sparkling Raspberry Rose

Smirnoff released a whole line of beverages of rose spiked seltzers that marries summer’s two major MVP’s. Tasters cherished the floral notes in the Raspberry Rose, they also had good things to say about the Pink Apple and White Peach as well.

9. Spiked Seltzer Cranberry

This drink showcases the same tart, classic cranberry flavor people love, we’re nearly inclined to classify this one as a low-cal canned cocktail for those who take low calories products.

10. Lemon Lime Seltzer

One if the famous beer brand has fused in on the spiked seltzer game with fun flavors like strawberry, mango, and cherry. Tasters mostly liked the lemon lime flavor for its sweet tartness. Which provides sweetness and sourness at the same time in your mouth.

11. Blackberry Hibiscus Premium Hard Seltzer

This sophisticated can is bright and floral from the addition of fresh berry flavor and hibiscus. Both flavors give a perfect elegant pleasure to the drinker.

12. Black Cherry Hard Seltzer

This drink gives a slightly sweet, mild, and not too boozy flavor, this one tastes like a traditional non-alcoholic black cherry seltzer.

13. Passion Fruit Hard Sparkling Water

This drink is different from the most of drinks as this is a lighter, bubblier, more refreshing flavorful fruit punch.

14. Seltzer Variety Pack

For the pina Coladas lovers but sometimes they give a stomachache. You can look for the alternative then this is a delight for all the lovers.  It gives a taste of all the pineapple and coconut flavors you love.

15. Mango Hard Seltzer

There are mango options out there, this brand was the clear favorite for this taste. The sweetness suppresses the mangoes slightly, but the taste is very refreshing and delicious all the same.

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