10 Handy Plumbing Techniques For Beginners


Plumbing issues are the most common and frequent ones in any household. You cannot wait for a couple of weeks for your flush to work again or the water to drain properly in your kitchen sink every time. Yes, it is a lot of waste of time. But also, you get upset with these little problems and then, solving them costs you your week’s salary. So, you will save yourself a lot of panic, time, and money if you knew some handy plumbing techniques. Remember, it is not as easy as it sounds. The first time you fix a plumbing issue, you might not do it perfectly but that okay as far as you can hold the problem till the professional plumber comes.

If you need a professional service, you can call up any good local plumbing service like Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Ottawa to help you solve your plumbing issue. You will get better with time and the time will eventually come when you will not need a plumber unless a water pipe at your house bursts. So, now that you are all persuaded into knowing about how to take care of your plumbing issues by yourself, here are ten handy plumbing techniques for beginners:

1. Unclog the showerheads

You can either take a bag with a zip that can contain water or an airtight container. Put white vinegar in it. Then, unscrew your shower head and put that in the container. Close the container. Wait for 1 to 2 days. When you take the showerhead out, you will find it clean and shining it as new. Just use plastic gloves to take the showerhead out to keep your hands clean and save them from any infections. You will have to wash the showerheads thoroughly before you can put them up again. You will be amazed by the result. This tip will clean your showerheads of all the sediment that might be clogging it. You can use the same tip to clean the aerator in the faucets. Do this once in 4 months, and you will never have an issue of clogged showerheads.

2. Manage minor drain clogs

Drain clogs can be very upsetting. The awful smell that comes from the clogged drains is another issue. However, do not worry. Fixing the minor drain clogs is super easy. Just mix baking soda with white vinegar in equal ratio. Then, flow it down the drain directly. Then, drain down a bucket of very hot water. This mixture will clean any minor clogs in your drain and everything clogging up the drain will flow down the pipes with the help of hot water.

3. Your toilet needs unclogging

We often use a plunger if our toilet is clogged, but that is the worst thing we can do with a clogged toilet. Plunging it can push the object clogging the toilet deeper making a minor blockage a big issue. So, instead, use a common vacuum; this will suck out the object clogging the toilet along with water. This will clean your toilet.

4. Know if your toilet tank is leaking

Sometimes, there is a leakage inside your toilet tank, which makes it almost impossible to flush quickly or more than once. Do not worry and do not call a professional immediately. First, it is important to determine if your toilet tank is leaking or not. All you have to do is put a few drops of food color in the tank and wait there for a couple of minutes. If there is a change in the color of the water that is in the tank, your toilet tank is leaking. Then, it is always better to opt for a professional to help you with this issue.

5. Clean your hot water tank of any residue

Yes, this one is easy and important. Even if your flush is working properly, it is a good idea to clean your hot water tank every few months. All you have to do is turn off the electricity for your hot water tank. Then, clean it with your garden hose. All you have to do is attach it with your hot water tank, and it will drain all the sediment itself. Then, turn on the electricity and water supply. Flush your toilet a couple of times to clean the tank of all the minerals and sediment.

6. Prevent major clogs

For most of the major clogs, you will need to call a professional. However, most of the major clogs happen because of the hair. So, if you install a hair catcher in your drain, you will not face any major clogs. A hair catcher in your drain is life-changing!

7. Dispose of your garbage efficiently

The worst thing about the garbage disposal is the awful smell of it. There is a great tip to prevent it. Just take a few ice cubes and a couple of lemon slices. Add it to your garbage disposal; this will take away the awful odor and clean the whole garbage disposal mechanism. This tip also helps sharpen the blades of the machine that disposes of the garbage.

8. Protect your overall plumbing system

One great tip to protect your plumbing system overall is to install a water softener. Direct water that comes from the faucets and showerheads is hard, which is not only bad for your plumbing system but also your skin and hair. So, if you install a water softener, you will be grateful. You will need plumbing services twice as less.

9. Use water to flush

So, when your flush does not work for whatever reason, do not worry. You will have to call your plumber for this, but by then you can use a bucket of water to flush. One bucket of water is almost equal to one flush. And yes, it works.

10. Stop water damages

You have to be more careful if you want to avoid calling a plumbing service more often. So, whenever you plan to leave the house for a long time, for example for vacation, turn off the electricity supply to all your machines. Also, turn off the water supply to your dishwasher, washing machine and other appliances that need water to run; this will save you from any major water damages.


Now you know the basic techniques to help you during your immediate plumbing crisis without picking your hair out of worry. One thing you should be aware of and care for is the eco-friendly plumbing. We all happen to not take efficient care of our plumbing systems. Even if we do, we happen to waste a lot of water while solving such issues. We should be very careful about that. Here are the water-saving tips we can use while solving our plumbing issues. Also, if you are hiring professionals to solve your plumbing issues, make sure they are a team that cares about the earth. Remember, being eco-friendly is a lifestyle. Also, the future is eco-friendly as there is no other safe way of living on this planet. So, businesses are already shifting themselves to become more eco-friendly. Thus, you would not have any issues finding a plumbing service that cares about the earth.

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