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When Should You Buy Your Kids Cell Phones

Opinions vary as to what age kids should get their first cell phone. There are advantages and disadvantages involved in the issue. According to a New York Times article, “Drilling Down: Rapid Rise of Children with Cell Phones” by Alex Mindlin, the...

spring wear

The Best Dress Looks for Everyday Wear

Dresses are always a wardrobe favorite for spring. This year’s focus on the royal nuptials between William and Kate, have thrust them further than ever into fashion’s focus. What Makes the Dress The essential style components of the spring...


What you need to learn about your Dakimakura

What is Dakimakura Pillow? Dakimakura pillow was Japanese and is famous all over Japan. The biggest audience is young people who love animes. On the huge hugging pillow, they let their favorite anime star. Quick all the pillows of dakimakura are an...

kids reading

How to Encourage Children to Read

Children who read at home usually perform better at school so it makes sense to foster an early love of books. Here are some practical tips. It is an ideal time to encourage the joy of reading. Many of us cherish our childhood memories of the books...


How to Choose an Electric Bike

Electric bikes come in a wide range of designs and prices. Choosing one means matching bike weight, motor power, and battery life to where and how the bike will be ridden. Motorized bicycles, commonly referred to as e-bikes, are relatively new in...


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