New flavored Toothpaste: A Key to a Fresh Smile


Brushing your teeth twice a day is essential for good oral hygiene and long-lasting healthy white teeth. To make the most of your daily brushing enjoyable, you need the best toothpaste with appealing flavor. 

Most kinds of toothpaste are made to solve particular problems in the oral cavity, from eliminating sensitivity and rebuilding enamel to whitening teeth and refreshing breath. However, the flavor of the toothpaste also matters. There is no doubt that a fresh smile can leave a great impression on others. Here comes the question, what’s the key to a fresh smile? Below is the answer that walks you through a fresh smile by flavored toothpaste.

Why do you need to consider the flavor of your toothpaste?

Traditional toothpaste aims to leave a fresh and clean sense. But as you may have experienced, sticking to the same flavor every day can quickly become tedious. If you dislike the flavor of your toothpaste, you are going to be less inclined to brush your teeth, and that can have repercussions for your oral health. On the contrary, if you pick a toothpaste flavor you love, then you may even brush your teeth longer and more often, which means better overall oral health care, lower dental bills, and a fresh white smile.

Brushing teeth with toothpaste in fancy flavor can improve your brushing experience. For many years, the only flavor of toothpaste was mint, which is the only choice that makes your brushing experience dull. Actually, you don’t need a minty flavor to keep your teeth clean, but it can make the brushing process more enjoyable, and it leaves a pleasant tingle behind. 

Recently, toothpaste products have adopted more trendy flavors. A case in point is Domy’s new development of sooth&care: light luxury oral care, which can let you experience the fancy color, fragrance, taste, and beauty while brushing your teeth. 

What are the flavors of this new series?

The brand new macaron fragrance toothpaste has six unique flavors, which provides an oral experience you have never had before. It not only makes your breath fresh and comfortable but also lets teeth shine, especially on some significant occasion. 

Let’s take cherry as an example. It features its own cherry blossom gradient packaging with a beautiful and super artistic sense of macaron color. It is delicate like a Hermes in toothpaste, providing the light luxurious oral experience, which meets the fairy heart of girls. Besides, the pink and attractive macaron toothpaste has its own sweetness. Also, the unique cherry particles bloom in friction, which makes cherry blossom fragrance fills the whole mouth instantly, making you feel fresh and fragrant as never before. There is nothing better than starting a new day in this way. Moreover, the new formula development can reduce tooth soft dirt and tooth stains and bring you a unique experience of tooth protection.

In addition to the flavor mentioned above, the other five new flavors are orange, lotus, mocha, mint, and coconut, which can meet all your tastes needs according to the different interests of various people.

Why should you choose Domy?

The company was transferred from the Yongnan chemical factory to Domy Chemical Co., Ltd., which produced China’s first fluorine-containing toothpaste in 1999. With eighteen years of experience, the company specializes in professional cosmetic, personal care products, and now it becomes one of the leaders of the domestic oral care products processing industry. The professional oral care brand of Domy called soothe&care is becoming more and more popular in the oral care industry. There are many kinds of toothpaste available on the market, and we are sure that you will be able to find the best-flavored toothpaste that suits you most to make your brushing exciting. 

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