Light Duty Casters for Various Applications

There are many types of casters on the market, and light duty casters designed with large-diameter wheels can be used for different operations, such as moving food in restaurants, hotel carts, guest room carts, and other operations.

SUPO light casters are designed to carry lighter loads than other casters. It is used to run various applications in different places, such as hospital beds, luggage carts, waste disposal trucks, pharmaceutical equipment, hotel luggage carts, and washing carts.


What to consider when purchasing a light duty caster

Safety of the user

Once you have bought the SUPO caster, how will it affect the users’ health? The users will push and pull the caster several times when transporting the equipment. How will this affect their health in the long run? If you choose a wheel with a larger diameter, it will help improve rolling efficiency and make the work easier. Larger wheels also have anti-friction coefficients, which will help your bearing roll effectively, as well as reduce workload and other injuries.

The load capacity of the Caster

You should be able to distinguish the load capacity that it can carry. It will depend on the type of weight you intend to move, and the number of casters you want to operate safely. In general, the minimum load weight of each wheel is calculated by dividing the total load and the number of swivel wheels. If you are not familiar with this, make sure you ask the experts who will give you the best option in their store.

The impact on the floor

What’s more, you’d better consider the type of floor. In this case, customers need to identify the best casters and wheels that will not damage their floors. The company offers unique wheels that have been known to protect floors, such as Dura cushion and Roadie. Their wheels are used to protect the floor from damage. Remember that you will be re transporting your items; therefore, the effect of the wheels on the floor must be considered.

Cost of maintenance

The initial purchase price is a crucial consideration, as well as inspection and maintenance costs, including repair and replacement parts. If you choose a cheaper caster, it is very likely to go bad soon and incur additional charges. Expensive casters are more durable. Stronger casters, maximum capacity, larger wheels, and improved bearings are better and ensure maximum utilization, productivity, and durability.

Compatibility with the environment. 

The light casters you choose to use in your business or home should be compatible with all forms of climate. Sometimes, the environment changes, and you may have problems if your casters do not have well-designed wheels. The temperature varies, so it’s essential to find a good caster, especially if you work outdoors. Bearing grease usually hardens at certain temperatures, which makes caster inoperative.

How to buy light-duty casters

Light casters can be purchased from online stores and markets, or you can be directly contacted factories by email. They are cheaper than other types of casters, and anyone can afford them. Besides, they are designed for light tasks only; therefore, all forms of applications should be kept lighter than heavy-duty working conditions. Ali-baba is famous for selling casters, and you are welcome to place an order at any time.


Light casters are relatively cheap and are the best choice for operating family businesses, including industrial and hospital light casters. However, before you make a purchase, make sure you check the function of the caster so that you can find the best choice, which will make your work efficiency and improve production.

Also, please make sure you check the durable light duty casters, which will work for a long time, thus reducing the cost for repairing, replacing, and maintaining them. If you find it challenging to analyze the characteristics of casters, the experts from SUPO will give you clear guidance.

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