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If you are living a royal life, then it is important to set your house and your furniture according to your lifestyle. To enhance the joy of King Living style, you should get royal furniture in your home to raise the standard of your living. So that you can dress up your house just like the style of a king.

These are the following royal furniture styles that boost your standard of living:

Furniture styles

Here are some of the living furniture styles that are adopted over the years. Here you go!

Empire style (early 19th century).

Empire style combines the luxury of classicism. This style includes massive furniture that does not imply softly rounded lines, columns, pilasters, and consoles. For the Empire style in furniture, there is a direct borrowing of antique forms. The parts of the cabinet are decorated with columns, cornices, and pilasters that are some elements of the architecture.  Using antique motifs, griffins, sphinxes, lion paws, etc., for the design of tables, chairs, and armchairs can bring a royal feeling in your home. The style emphasizes the importance of royal power. The Furniture is made only with special wood. Generally, the canopies emphasize the splendor. Monumental beds and upholstery of silk furniture are embroidered with gold. The side tables of the bed are in the form of pedestals, and the chairs are stylized with the Roman style. The washbasins are made in the form of tripods.

The main characteristics of this style are bright and saturated colors in the interior, and large mirrors are widely used to create the illusion. This style is perfect for luxury lovers.

Antique style.

Aesthetics and art values ​​ live forever. The following things that are the bases of this style: 

Free space, columns, and expensive natural materials, marble, natural stone, and bronze. This style has some clear and concise lines. It is luxurious, harmony, grandeur and shows the functionality at the same time. The shape of the furniture is simple and straightforward. This includes simple and comfortable chairs, but typically a rare dining table with three legs. The upholstery uses tapestries with mythological compositions. The colors inherent in the antique style are natural like ochre, sienna, umber, pistachio, cobalt, etc. Floor vases and statues complement the antique interior. The antique style is however found to be rare in recent furniture as it has become outdated.

Artistic style.

Curved lines and waves characterize this style. Structural elements continue the curved lines of the decor. Flexible forms with plant patterns create a special softness and plasticity. The metal structure shows unusual colors. The main flowers used in this style are water plants, lilies, algae, irises, and cyclamen flowers. Plants are combined with artificial animal’s picture. The furniture doesn’t show the sharp edges, and all the details look completely natural. These flexible and curved lines enhance the beauty of the furniture.

African style.

This style is one of the most exotic and grotesque. This style shows energy, dynamics, simple forms, and rough textures as this displays a theme of energy and life. The energy also improves the overall outlook. The style indicates the difference between impulsivity and artlessness. It is based on natural materials such as wood, fabric, stone, and ceramics as well as massive furniture with simple shapes. Wicker furniture is widely used in the African style that is made of natural materials like rattan, palm bark and abacus. The colors of the style are natural, such as yellow, orange, red, brown, green, etc. This style is full of comfort, coziness and a sense of proximity of nature.

European style

This style includes furniture that has magnificent forms of style that are an abundance of elements and bizarre ornaments. It was used to decorate the palaces and dwellings of the monarchs. There are a lot of craftsmen out there who are recognized as the best in creating elegant and luxurious interiors. The following are a few elegant characteristics:

Four-poster beds, wardrobes are decorated with inlay, chairs, armchairs, and sofas are dynamic in shape.

Mirrors are the main element of the decoration of this style. Gold, silver, marble, mosaic, precious metals and stones are the main elements of European style. Fringe is widely used for finishing furniture from expensive fabrics. The furniture lacks exacting geometric shapes. This furniture also has pedestals for sculpture. The decoration includes plant elements, the image of figures and even whole life sceneries. It is considered as one of the most fabulous luxurious styles. 

Biedermeier or German Style (mid-19th century)

This style inherited laconicism and principles of construction from the aristocratic empire. The main emphasis is not on majesty or beauty but the practicality and strength. The main criterion for the furniture of this style is good quality and convenience. In such a style, there are curved shapes, chiselled details, a pseudo-Gothic carved that decor joins the Biedermeier style. It involves curved legs, the armrests of chairs, chairs, and sofas, smoothly curved backs, bent legs of secretaries and tables. Furniture becomes free from architectural elements and excessive decor. Furniture forms are quite simple. The elegance and style compensate for the bright fabric upholstery. The main thing in this style is its furniture designs, that surely deserve commendations.

At the beginning of the 19th century, rosewood and mahogany were replaced by walnut veneer, and other types of wood like maple, pear, poplar, cherry, and ash. For furniture, light breeds are popular in manufacturing.

East style.

East style is divided into two areas – Arabic and Asian. The Arabic style is characterized by soft and squat furniture. The furniture is decorated with wooden carvings and trimmed with soft shades of fabric. On armchairs, sofas, and beds, there are many pillows decorated with oriental-style ornaments. 

Egyptian style.

The Egyptian style is the essence of luxury and wealth as this includes columns, arches, pylons, Egyptian hieroglyph, and strictly symmetrical ornaments. The style involves the use of many rare and expensive materials such as malachite, ivory, lapis lazuli, turquoise, etc. The colors of the style are beige, ochre, light yellow and ivory.

Upholstery may include traditional Egyptian drawings that are illustrated by people with palm trees, hieroglyphs, and sunbeams. Textiles make products from natural and fine wool. Here, you can learn more about the king-size living style.


Living a luxurious lifestyle in your way may be great, but only a few people can afford it. If you’re a luxury lover, try to make your existing place a royal one. There are a lot of traditional and royal styles with great elements and special things that make the furniture more expensive.

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