Is This Herb Kratom Absolutely Safe or Unsafe?


Kratom, also known as the magical herb that helps in the promotion of physical well-being and endurance is native to the grounds of Southeast Asia especially Thailand, Myanmar, and Indonesia. According to the people of Southeast Asia, Kratom has been in use by their great ancestors since the nineteenth century. It is of great value to those who use it as it has helped in healing and curing them in a way other medicines could not.

This herb has not been approved by the FDA and is still unapproved for official use.

Kratom has been controversial since it’s widespread and even though scientists have spent a lot of time trying to find evidences that explain its effects properly, have failed to do so. Though one active chemical component called Mitragynine along with other active alkaloids have been found in Kratom which is said to be the cause of the reactions of consuming Kratom.

It is quite obvious that Kratom has addictive effects after consumption which points towards the fact that physical dependence is inevitable. This is self-explanatory on how Kratom will make you feel once you start to use it and leaves you to decide if it is better for you or not.

You can buy kratom wholesale kilo but it depends on your body, weight, and tolerance if you are able to endure the effects that come along with Kratom use.

There is also one point that needs to be taken note of is that Thailand, which is the origin of Kratom, has banned the use of Kratom because of excessive consumption amongst people which was also leading to Kratom abuse. Those people were becoming addicts which were extremely unhealthy.

To date, it is confirmed that Kratom contains active alkaloids some of them have adverse effects like opium and hallucinogenic mushrooms. These alkaloids as listed on are also present in other drugs which adds up for the addicting effect. There is more to prove on how powerful it can be when taken in large doses, intentionally or unintentionally.

 Uncontrolled use may lead to feeling numb under sedation as Kratom tends to fulfill this effect or in worst cases, being unconscious for hours. This situation can be highly dangerous if not taken care of.

How effective are low doses?

Low doses of Kratom, depending on the strains of kratom used work as a stimulant and provide the energy needed by the body and mind to feel alert and active. It has also been effective in focusing and helping to understand things properly. There are certain stimulants that bind to the receptors of the brain to give this specific effect. Even though low, controlled doses do not show extreme behavior but there are still side effects such as anxiety and insomnia.

How effective are high doses?

While consuming high doses of Kratom, it is important to know about the short term as well as the long term effects of it on the body. Kratom has similar effects to opioids, which is a type of drug and along with addictive nature, it also keeps you under a sedative effect. It reduces pain and makes you feel numb because of high levels of mitragynine running in your blood.

Generally, all the side effects of low doses of Kratom also appear when higher doses are taken, but alongside that, there are other symptoms also because higher alkaloid levels affect the liver and kidney directly. This means that anything starting from seizures, tremors going up to liver and kidney damage should be expected after consuming large doses.

Also, people who have taken higher doses are speculated to choke during their sleep and remain unconscious for a long time. It is also unsafe to drive a car during this condition and also to work. Pregnant women are especially warned about this herb as it may affect their baby’s health.

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