Is An Pei’s Digital Agent System A SCAM? Full 2021 Review


Is An Pei’s course In Demand?​

Digital Agent System Review Summary

An Pei has created one of the most successful courses for people looking to start a career in digital marketing. Taught by an expert in the field, Digital Marketing Career Blueprint teaches: fundamental online skills, how to get experience, how to start applying for jobs and resources for you to land your first job in digital marketing.

Interested in digital marketing but you don’t know how to start.

At one point, so did I, but there were no reviews about An’s brand new career course. Perhaps you heard about An’s course in a similar fashion?

Anyway, I took An’s course over a year ago, now intending to land my first digital marketing job.

After going through the course, applying it, and practicing Facebook Ads, Google Ads and SEO on my own, I landed my first online marketing job as an in-house digital marketer.

What Is the Digital Agent System Blueprint?

In Summary, An’s course is a step-by-step course that teaches you the skills needed to start a digital marketing career without a college degree – even if you’re not online marketing savvy to start.

An’s course gives you the opportunity to learn the basics up to more advanced learning in digital marketing. He will basically teach you his experience of how he came from a college drop out to earning six figures in the digital marketing field. 

So, what to expect in diving to the Digital Agent System?

From the first module of the course, An talks about the mindset and everybody is not able to unlock this kind of opportunity if they won’t work for it. Then the primary skill you’re going to learn is how to build your own website.From that you will be able to learn how to work it out and make it progressive. Also, you will learn in An’s course are Facebook Ads, SEO and Email Marketing.

The Benefits of Starting a Career in Digital Marketing

Many students in Career Digitized were able to successfully land a job without any experience at all. Some got a different degree in universities, switched to digital marketing and earned more than the usual. So, why should you be excited about a career in digital marketing?

Well, if you haven’t figured it out by now, digital marketing skills are highly in demand.

Have you seen Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, or Digital Advertising offered as university degrees? Not really. If there are, they’re very few and far between and most likely they’re certificates. Certificates that cost a small fortune.

This puts the supply of qualified employees low for employers in the digital marketing industry.

I’m not saying that the supply is so low that they’ll hire someone that doesn’t know what they’re doing, but the demand is definitely there, which is great news for anyone new and interested in this industry.

AN PEI- The Brain OF CAREER DIGITIZED’s Digital Agent System – Scammer / Fraud or Real?

Behind Career Digitized  is An Pei who started earning above typical high-income jobs that you can get in a corporate company. With his vast knowledge and experience of Digital Marketing, he started creating his own platforms and courses to help beginners expand their skills. These include teaching students vital digital marketing skills with practical assignments and hands-on projects.

He goes over everything you need to know to have no experience landing your digital marketing job paying over $100,000 per year! .. So let me go ahead and tell you why this system is a legit one!

Will This Course be Far Different from the others?

There’s a lot of digital marketing courses out there but unlike other courses and training programs, An Pei’s Digital Agent System is totally different because An personally works with the students in the course. 

The main reason why people fail is because they buy something without even knowing it. And they stuck and gave up. This is why although the regular price is $4999, he has to invest and hire experienced coaches in Digital Marketing to ensure students success.

Most people will fail because they always get lost and stuck somewhere

One of the great reasons why the Digital Agent System is better is because they have coaches who are professionals that actually work in the field who help the students answer questions in their weekly live calls.  This is a big part  of people’s success because you can actually learn from someone that knows what they’re doing.

I believe coaching and guidance is a crucial factor to success outside of the course itself. Because without coaches and a community, you end up getting lost in the material which gets no proven results.

Next is Career’s Digitized community. Digital Agent System has one of the best communities to be a part of. It’s full of experts in the field sharing new ideas and strategies. 

With a helping community full of experienced individuals answering your questions everyday, it is easy to find success. And ofcourse,  as long as you put in the work!

Will this give you ALL the experience and not on Youtube Videos and online Guides?

Yes, there  is a lot of free material online to get started in Digital Marketing. Problem is, these material has got no results. No easy training and helpful coaches just like An Pei’s course does.

The brain of the course, An Pei has trained over 100+ digital marketing professionals and helped over 500+ people land high paying jobs. This is why getting advice from him and his team in the live weekly Q&A calls is very important to your success if you want to level up your game.

Most of the Youtube videos and guides are usually a bunch of wanna- be digital marketers that has no experience at all. This is just to gain likes and subscribers having no brainer at all. Very easy. And you will be wasting your time listening to these people because they won’t also help you how to get started.

But in An Pei’s Career Digitized: Digital Agent System course, you will know EXACTLY what to do every step of the way so you’re not wasting any time.

A charge of a premium fee of $4997 is just a piece of what you will be getting when you land a digital marketing career with the help of the course. An has spent his years experiencing the methods of the job market especially in digital marketing. That’s why knows exactly where you’re stuck on and how to help you to the fastest route to success.

So, is An Pei’s Digital Agent System course worth it?

I say it is. I’m a proud success story of An Pei’s course, and I’m glad I found it a few years ago. I’ll also say the course will only work for you if you put in the work of getting experience in digital marketing.

This self-created experience communicated that I knew what I was doing during my first interviews. I brought a binder with printed out sheets of my Google Ads and Facebook Ads experience to the interview I got my entry-level job at.

My point is, if you don’t have friends or family who will be needing help in facebook ads or google ads, or work on their SEO, you may have to get creative to gain experience. This experience is necessary (in my opinion) as more people are finding out about the opportunities in digital marketing.

My best advice to take An Pei’s course and focus on learning Facebook Ads, google Ads or SEO (both if you can) as these are the skills most in demand.

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