Important Tips for Talented Junior Golfers


Vital tips for potential champion golfers. Why disciplined practice, routine, and an ability to adapt are vital ingredients for a winning frame of mind.

Talent alone is not enough for a junior to make it big at golf. There are thousands upon thousands of young golfers who think they might be the next Tiger Woods – but they can forget it unless they have the right approach and mental attitude. And that’s very rare indeed. If I were a junior golfer dreaming of getting on the Tour, the question I would now be asking is ‘what is the right mental attitude?’ To answer this question I call on my experience of playing on the European Tour and teaching many talented junior golfers.

Discipline in Practice

Low handicap juniors often claim to be working hard at their golf games. And it’s true, they might be spending hours at the driving range hitting balls, and they may well genuinely believe they are putting in enough hours practicing. But just spending hours hitting balls does not constitute hard work.

Invariably junior golfers practice what they are good at and do not target the specific weaknesses that they need to improve. This is not out of ignorance as most have regular lessons and their professionals would have given them instructions on what to practice. This is where discipline comes in. If a junior wants to smash drivers up the range, rather than work on putting, or hit three woods like missiles to impress those watching, rather than spend hours on the chipping green – forget ever ending up on tour. If a junior wants to improve they need to have a very disciplined approach to practice.

Ability to Adapt and Change

Changing any habit is difficult. Changing a golf swing can sometimes be uncomfortable. and trying to improve important aspects like the grip can sometimes lead to short term failure and immense frustration. That’s why most golfers fail to improve. Who wants to go through a painful process when they can just hack around with a smile.

But if a junior golfer wants to improve they cannot afford that approach and have to stick at what they are told in lessons, even if it’s tough at first. A junior golfer, if they want to become a champion, must have the ability to change their grip and stance when told to by a professional. Most don’t and that’s why they fail.

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Routine for Golf and Life

When I traveled away to tournaments I was always impressed by the way the top golfers such as Nick Faldo or Bernhard Langer had a daily routine, irrespective of whether it was a practice day or the tournament itself.

This helped create stability under pressure because they tried to simulate tournament conditions every time they walked on the course. Any junior golfer wanting to succeed has to adopt that philosophy. They simply can’t afford to waste any opportunity to learn about how they react in competitive situations – that means they have to try their best to create serious golf – even during a practice round. Yes – it’s much more fun to go out with some mates and have a friendly four-ball, but they won’t learn as much.

Enjoying Golf

There will be some reading this article who will say – but golf is a game to enjoy – and I completely agree. Dedicated practice, and a rather serious approach to golf, are not what I would recommend for 99% of my pupils. But if you happen to be a junior who dreams of playing alongside the best – it’s the only way.

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