How to Write a Reliable Synthesis Essay

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A synthesis essay is meant to provide information about a topic by drawing ideas from different sources inclusive with your thoughts views and structuring it in a presentable manner. The primary objective of a synthesis is to try and get different perspectives on a topic and combining it to come up with a given point of view.

Accuracy, the information obtained from the various sources should have utmost precision which is well paraphrased but accurately confirming to that from the source

Structure, There should be a correlation between the information from the different sources which later should come clear from the structure.

Interpretation, Provide information to your audience to help them grasp the topics very well.

Classification of synthesis essays

Argument Synthesis: It presents the thesis in a manner, information portrayed is in a logical manner according to the writer’s thoughts.

Explanatory/Background Synthesis: The argument is somewhat weak, the facts and information can be classified and better understood by the reader. It describes a subject and provides facts in an objective way.

A good topic for a synthesis essay is one that is just sufficient enough to enable you to obtain information from different sources.

Form your hypothesis. When writing a synthesis essay, attempt to make a compelling and intriguing thesis, based on your research. Re-read the data and try to find evidence, cites, and opinions to defend the thesis and take them down.

Advance your hypothesis. Develop your essay in an interesting and convincing manner using facts, evidence and ideas to support your thoughts.

Outlining Your Synthesis Essay

Introduction. Come up with an interesting introduction and a statement of your thesis should be introduced to your readers at this point.

Essay Body. It forms the central part of the essay where the various information from the sources gathered. The information should be well organised and structured. In your main body ensure that: you include information from your sources, show the similarities and differences from your sources and complete a paragraph with your opinion.

Conclusion. Sum up your arguments, facts, and ideas relate your thoughts from the different sources and link them to wind up your synthesis essay.

Different approaches to writing your synthesis essay

Summary: An approach where you sum up the information from your sources beginning with the primary sources and ending with the major ones.

Example or Illustration: Select an example from your sources and include your thoughts in the different variants from the sources.

Concession. This approach centres at criticising an individual viewpoint, it however not only critiques but also present the other opinion of the topic

Comparison and Contrast. The information obtained from your sources compares the views from these sources.

Strawman. This approach places the argument against the statement and goes ahead to prove that the case stands fit for discussion.

Writing and Proofreading a Synthesis Essay

It is essential to come up with a plan that outlines what to follow when writing your essay. Using your plan write a rough draft that enables you to organise your ideas from the different sources.

When writing your essay ensure that there is a perfect transition within various parts of your article to make sure that your essay is logical and consistent.

Basing on your plan and the first draft organise your work and ideas in a logical manner and precisely right down your final draft.

Take frequent breaks while writing your essay, it enables you to avoid exhaustion which might limit your thinking. Enough rest allows you have an open mind thus guarantees better writing.

Provide a list of evidence for your sources. A synthesis essay requires you to use different sources to provide information. For any quotations or paraphrasing used in your writing use footnotes and a list of references at the end of your essay so that it provide authenticity of the essay.

Up to this point you should be able to write a good synthesis essay. However, I understand, not everyone can get time to capture procedures instantly. In this case, having to look for help from a professional writer online which becomes quite a decent option to seek. Go to the internet and look for a good and reliable essay writing service, but also, be sure to select a reputable and appropriate service. So don’t be shy to do some background checks on the available providers.

•    When you look to have your article written, your ideas and thoughts unless stipulated in your instructions on the request, will not be included. But also, after receiving your report, go through it to familiarize and ensure you have the right thing.

•    The quality of writing in most cases is proportional to the pricing of the service, consequently don’t pay cheap and receive a cheap piece of work.

•    Select the appropriate service by doing enough research through the reviews and feedback posted in forums by previous clients of these writing agencies and establishes your justification based on that.

•    As much as you are having your essay done for you, it is important to sufficiently go through to eliminate errors, add your thoughts or make necessary changes. Have your request delivered in time to get your article submitted soon enough to give you sufficient time to go through it.

•    A vital risk to consider with entirely all writing services, after having a masterpiece article well-crafted for you. It might be possible that your lecture is familiar with your level of intelligence and your way of writing. These discrepancies might lead to them noticing the lack of authenticity and originality of your work which may present great consequences ranging from disqualification in that paper or suspension from the college.

In a Nut shell;

Your synthesis essay should be able to draw meaningful information through combination of ideas within a conclusive thoughts from you as a writer and present them in good way. By doing so, you will have structured a formidable point view that can be relied upon over time.

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